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Rum Jetty is a Known Turtle Breeding Ground

The private beach at Rum Jetty, Silver Sands Jamaica, is a known breeding ground for the endangered green sea turtle, which lives to 100 years old, can grow up to 500 lbs and returns to its own birth place for breeding. Egg laying is in mid-October and hatching in late December or early January, tending around the time of a full moon. A truly magical experience to watch.

turtle on rum jetty beach, silver sands jamaica


See a green sea turtle off the coast of Discovery Bay:

Watch baby turtles making their way to the Caribbean Sea at Silver Sands, Jamaica:

Newly hatched turtles, on the beach at Rum Jetty at night, finding their way to the Caribbean Sea:

new born turtles on the beach at rum jetty, silver sands jamaica  newly hatched turtle on the beach at rum jetty, silver sands jamaica

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