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Scuba Diving in Jamaica


You can enjoy diving without feeling guilty!

There are many great diving destinations worldwide, but a big problem with many of them is that there is nothing for non-divers to do. If you are taking a family vacation and your partner or children do not dive, you know how guilty you can feel... while you are having fun, they are bored!

This is where Jamaica is different. There are so many great dive sites in Jamaica with so much to see underwater, but there is also so much to do and see above water. In Jamaica, everyone can be happy.

sergeant majors tropical fish on the reef

Marine Park, Montego Bay

With an average water temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit year round, and great visibility of about 100 feet, Jamaica offers a range of dive sites that are exciting for novices as well as experts.

some of the coral reef

Coral Reef

"Jamaica's underwater world is rimmed with coral reefs, etched with canyons and grottos and sheered with vertical walls. Marine life is a kaleidoscope of living color. And it's all close at hand. From coast to coast, the dive sites are only a few minutes from shore. When you consider the above, and factor in about 200,000 satisfied divers annually, Jamaica certainly deserves consideration for future plans." The Jamaica Tourist Board.

"Our scuba experience was great..."
Frank Leddy, USA

Did you know that, with a few hours of professional instruction, you can be diving on the same day on a beautiful shallow reef?

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