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Silver Sands Jetty


silver sands jetty
The Silver Sands Jetty is great for enjoying the scenic coastline, or watching the sunset, sunrise, and moon rise.


The foreshore at Silver Sands Jamaica is divided into two parts by a jetty, at the end of which sits a large, beautiful.

The main swimming beach and communal facilities at Silver Sands are located to the East of the jetty, while to the West, there is a snorkelers' paradise - an onshore reef.

The Silver Sands Jetty is another great place to take a picnic. Many people take some drinks and relax to watch the sunset and sunrise.

When it's full moon, enjoy the spectacle of the shimmering sea as the huge globe rises over the horizon, lighting up the night sky.

At right, Ceri enjoys the gazebo, taking in the cooling trade winds.

keri thompson at gazebo

line fishing from the jetty at silver sand
Line fishing from the jetty is another popular activity, but don't expect to catch anything big.


See the ruins under the sea near the Jetty.

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