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Silver Sands Jetty - Ruins Under the Sea

Persons who visit Silver Sands at various times of the year know that the beach changes throughout the year.

In the Summer months, the beach is usually very deep and extends from the Jetty to the front of Queen's Cottage. In the Winter months, it is usually long and narrow, extending from the Jetty all the way to the front of Santa Margherita at times. That's a very significant change, perhaps doubling in length, and it is caused by strong winds and rough seas shifting the sand from the West of the Jetty to the East.

When the Silver Sands beach was long and narrow with the sand shifted as described above, I discovered the remains of a structure below the surface of the sea . It was a calm day, when the tide was very low and the sea was particularly clear. I saw signs that the Jetty at Silver Sands was not always the way it is now.

There appears to be, under the water, the remains of a wall extending North, then making a right angle West to join the existing Silver Sands Jetty.

The straight edge of the stones indicates that this was man-made. And South of the foundation, there is still a lot of stones that must have been used as fill. This foundation and fill are usually covered by white sand, which had shifted to the East extending the beach all the way to Santa Margherita.

If anyone knows anything about the Jetty and how it was originally built, or the origins of this foundation wall below sea level, I would love to hear from you. If you have photos, we could share them with the Silver Sands community.

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