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Beach Clean Up at Silver Sands Jamaica

Scout & Georgia love to vacation at Silver Sands Jamaica; but the noticeable increase in rubbish washing up on the Silver Sands Beach is causing them concern. Realising that we are all responsible for plastic pollution, they decided to do their part and join the growing worldwide movement to clean up our beaches. 

There's something very heartwarming about young children combing the beach to pick up plastic - so much of it left by adults!

Zanna van Dijk did a beach clean up in Jamaica:

Zanna makes an appeal for everyone to get involved and do their part in cleaning up our beaches and keeping them clean.



Ocean Plastic 🌊 Yesterday Ant and I found a stunning secluded beach. It was beautiful, but it was covered in plastic pollution 😢 We went back today and did a clear up; this was about half of what we found on only a couple of hundred metres of beach. We’re going back tomorrow to clean up more ☀️ Every year 8 million metric tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean. There are around 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile of the ocean. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade so almost every single piece of plastic we have ever produced still exists in some form. This is destroying ecosystems and killing marine life 🐳 We NEED change, but what can we do? ➡️ Reuse any plastic products you have as much as possible rather than throwing them away. ➡️ Recycle recycle recycle. ➡️ Reduce. This is the big one. Recycling and reusing are great but ultimately we NEED to reduce how much plastic we use. Especially single use plastic such as straws, bottles and coffee cups. ➡️ Create wider change in your workplace. E.g. if you work at a cafe, ask if you can stop using straws or switch them for paper ones. ➡️ Clean up. If you do see ocean plastic please pick it up before it causes further harm. ➡️ Raise awareness. Talk to friends and family about this issue and ask them to watch documentaries such as “A Plastic Ocean” 🌊 I hope this post inspires you to make some small changes. If you want more support then please do join my private Facebook group: Living Consciously Crew where we share lots of tips and advice 🌎💗 #livingconciouslycrew

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