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Jamaica Is More Than Beaches - Visit The Black River Safari      

There are many incredible activities to get involved with when staying in Jamaica accommodation, one of the most memorable must be the Black River Safari: a day long trip along the Black River searching for native crocodiles and experiencing the magical wildlife which is aided by the words of an experienced guide.
The Black River is located on the beautiful South Coast of the island, in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Mysilversands organizes what could be a long journey to the river into an excellent tour of the centre of Jamaica. This is done by planning for you to travel there through Montego Bay, where there is the whitest sand and the bluest sea on which you will have ever laid your eyes. Then travel back to your Silver Sands villas through Mandeville and over the rolling hills.
The boats which take you on your voyage along the river are comfortable and not overcrowded, unlike many other pontoons which are piled high with passengers. Therefore it is guaranteed that your expedition will always be thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable.
The tour guides are informative as they have great knowledge of the flora and fauna, whilst still being able to share funny jokes and anecdotes with the passengers, so every visitor remains entertained for the entire exploration. They even know of the best restaurants to stop off for a delicious lunch on the way.
The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, with its towering mangroves, emerald waters and luscious greenery. These striking surroundings make you feel as if you are no longer your average tourist, but Indiana Jones on an adventure, attempting to discover the wild crocodiles which reside in the depths below your vessel. Everyone is always astounded when they see these fascinating creatures as they expect to get a distant glimpse of them; however they receive a delightful surprise when they discover that the crocodiles come so close to the boat they are in touching distance. There is a multitude of other wildlife to observe as well; such as pearl coloured birds bathing in the water and flowers which nestle in the trees like precious rubies.
You have the option to incorporate a visit to YS falls in the tour. The YS falls are famous for their jagged sky-high rocks with crystal clear torrents of water flowing over them into vast pools below. Your guide gives you the opportunity to then swim in the lakes, and picnic beside them on the expanse of fields nearby, where you can just sit back and enjoy the view. If you visit Jamaica you simply can not miss a visit to this fantastic attraction.
Mysilversands will be happy to book a tour for you, so you an go ahead and arrange your trip of a life time. It is an absolutely amazing experience, so no wonder it has fantastic reviews.


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