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Go Bodyboarding at Silver Sands Villas Jamaica

Whenever I visit Silver Sands, Jamaica, the beach is the first place I head.  While I love those tranquil sunny days, when the sea is calm, still, and perfectly clear, my favourite beach days have to be when the occasional storm rolls in. There is no excuse to hide away in your villa in Jamaica, as a rainy day provides in its aftermath some great waves to go bodyboarding on! At only US$5 per hour, I head down to the beach to rent a bodyboard from a mysilversands representative at the Guest Services Desk. Made of foam, these bodyboards are extremely light and easy to use – perfect for a self-taught amateur like me!

3 teenagers setting off on their bodyboards at silversands jamaica

While the nature of the Silver Sands coastline means the wind always picks up in the afternoon to provide gentle waves, perfect for first time body boarders, the aftermath of a rainy day provides higher waves for once you’ve got the knack of it – or the confidence to think you have! The Silver Sands waters are always safe however, as even with bigger waves there are no strong currents to pull you out to sea or out of the safe swimming area. While there are some areas of the waters with rocks and coral, underfoot, the clear nature of the water makes it easy to avoid these and remain in the larger, sandy areas of the water.

3 teens walking out from silver sands beach with their bodyboards

How To Do It
Bodyboarding is a fun and easy sport for people of all ages to try. First, simply fasten the Velcro strap around your wrist, so you don’t lose your bodyboard - or it doesn’t lose you! Then paddle out as far as you feel comfortable, lean your body forward so your stomach and chest are resting on the board, take a look over your shoulder behind you, and wait for a wave to come. Practice makes perfect, and with experience you’ll be able to time yourself better, so that you push off at the right time when you see the wave approaching, and are able to ride it perfectly. I still remember the first time I tried bodyboarding, and starting with perhaps with a little more confidence than I should have had, ended up losing my balance and tipping off my board sideways into the wave I thought I would catch. A little scared, I quickly stood up to discover I was only a couple metres from where I’d set off, and the only injuries I had sustained was a little seawater up my nose, and a little embarrassment! 

First timers can try bodyboarding any afternoon on the Silver Sands beach when the waves begin to pick up, but are still gentle. After a few practices, those with more guts may prefer to try the bigger waves that come after a rainy day, which provide such a rush when you catch them at the right time and can ride them all the way into the shore. To see what I’m raving about, take a look at this bodyboarding video.

(Article contributed by Asha)

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