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Meet Charles Meggie, Fisherman at the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands

Mysilversands Rep, Rochelle met up with Charles Meggie who told her a bit about himself.

charles veggie close-up

Like the saying the goes “the early bird catches the most worms”, but in this case “catches the most fishes”. 


Charles Meggie is no stranger to the Silver Sands community as he has been working at the incomparable Rum Jetty Cottage as a multi-skilled worker for over 30 years. Meggie, as most people call him, was introduced to the craft of fishing by his former boss.  He fell in love with fishing and saw the opportunity to make this skill his way of living. 


He started suppling the Silver Sands community with various types of seafood such as snapper, parrot fish, lobster & crabs.


veggie's boat


Nowadays, at the rising of the sun, if the weather provides a calm sea, he goes out in his twenty-foot fibreglass boat with a forty horse power Yamaha engine. Meggie motors to the West of the Fisherman’s Beach (The Jacob Taylor Beach), all the way to Burwood Beach, and then he heads to Braco Beach, East of Silver Sands to do his deep sea and trap fishing.


Meggie is very experienced and skilled in his type of fishing. He explained that deep sea fishing is the simpler than trap fishing - you just need fishing lines, rods and bait to catch the big fishes like the king fish and dolphin fish (mahi-mahi) while trap fishing is a bit more complicated. 

Meggie and his fish pot


He must make the traps (fish pots) from mesh wire and sticks. After making the traps, he must carry them out on his boat and leave them in well-stocked areas out at sea for two days. Upon his return, if he is lucky, the traps will be full of all different kinds of fishes, lobsters and crabs. And the best time is during the months of September and October.

Maggie making his fish trap


Meggie says he has a passion for the craft but its not always easy as the trade has its ups and downs. He explained that it is very hard sometimes as he has to be brave and condition his mind. He reflects on a horrible experience when he was abandoned out at sea for a whole day but luckily those who knew his predicament went to look for him. That has not stop him from doing what he loves.

Maggie making a fish pot


So when you are at Silver Sands Jamaica, and you have the desire to go snorkelling or to visit the reef, Meggie will be happy to take you. Visit Mysilversands at the reception desk and we will put you in touch with him.

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