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Endless Summer - Endless Pleasure, Silver Sands Jamaica

Somehow, more than twenty years had passed since my last trip to Endless Summer in Jamaica. I knew there would be innumerable changes in the time that had passed.

Geoff relaxes in a hammock on the sea front at Endless Summer Villa.
geoff gibson relaxes in hammock on the beachfront at endless summer in silver sands villas jamaica

I was happy to find that the good things that generated so many fond memories were as good as or better than remembered. The sunny, happy warmth of the Jamaican people make you love them from the get go. The music of their lilting approach to language is one of the soundtracks to your time here. 

I’m sitting in the great room at Endless Summer mesmerized by the panoramic view of the Caribbean. The breeze is sighing through the palms as the gentle surf sweetly kisses the shore. I have to pinch myself. Have I tumbled through the looking glass into some film set from the lives of the rich and famous? Or, am I just incredibly lucky to have ended up spending a few days here? 

This is truly 5 star resort living in the warmth and comfort of a consummately well equipped and appointed private home. Prem Chadeesingh's artistic and design flair surprises and pleases your senses at every turn. The home is embellished with many items from Prem's personal island art collection. You almost feel as though you are in a high end, tasteful Caribbean gallery. I realized that he has created a subtle and very interesting tension between the manmade beauty of his art and interior design, this paradisiacal seaside setting. It would not be wrong to say there were two designers for Endless Summer, Prem did the inside, and God did a pretty amazing job on the outside. Its’ a constant dilemma, do I want my coffee outside under the gazebo, or up in the porch great room area?? Oh to be so spoiled!

As the hallmark of any fine establishment, the staff is professional, scrupulously honest, happy, friendly, well trained and efficient – no mean feat in the tropics. You feel as though your well-being is attended to unobtrusively by friends who want you to be happy, and enjoy their world.

Geoff eats the conch worm.
geoff gibson eats the conch worm at endless summer villa in silver sands jamaica

I had recently returned from my first trip to Honolulu. In Hawaii, I loved the incredible beauty of the volcanic mountains, and the rain forests in the interior. The water and beaches and beaches in Hawaii are nice, but even famed Waikiki can’t hold a candle to Jamaica’s’ North Coast. My conclusion, go to Hawaii for the unique Hawaiian topography and experience; if you want a nearly perfect tropical beach paradise, save yourself a lot of money and time. Jamaica can’t be beat!

On another note, it’s quiet here. This is not the place to come if you want to party till dawn in the clubs. I came for the water sports, and to re-experience my long time love for this island. Silver Sands offers virtually all the water sports you could desire, kayaking, snorkeling, wind surfing, and sailing. Just west, at Bounty Bay is what brought me; one of the best kiteboarding spots on the planet, complete with gear rental, lessons, and sales ( On one of the days, the wind was light I kayaked out to the reef just off the Silver Sands beach life guard station. I had snorkeled this reef years ago. It was just as beautiful as I had remembered it, like visiting an old friend.

Geoff, kiteboarding at Bounty Bay which is just a ten minute drive from Silver Sands villas.
geoff gibson kiteboarding at bounty bay near silver sands jamaica

The changes?? Yeah, there are quite a lot. Where did all these high rise hotels on the rest of the island come from? How can Negril have a shopping mall? Apparently we’re not the only ones who’ve discovered this treasure. The good news is in Silver Sands villas you are hidden away and insulated from all that hustle and bustle. It’s kind of like going back in time to the old Jamaica. That’s plenty of reason (for me, at least) to come back? It had been too long. Yah Mon, soon come back!

(By Geoff Gibson, 2011)

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