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Football At Silver Sands Jamaica: Back of the Net
by Lal Chadeesingh

As a regular visitor to Silver Sands and a keen footballer, the football scene in Jamaica is pretty crucial both to my holiday enjoyment and to my preparation for the new season back  home in England. The streets of the Silver Sands villa complex are perfect for building my fitness, with the gated complex ensuring that there are very few cars on the road, and the terrain allowing for both steep climbs and flat running. Also helpful in building fitness is the gorgeous white sand beach - a fantastic backdrop for all those press-ups and sit-ups.

football on the silver sands beach in jamaica
Football on the Silver Sands Beach in Jamaica.

Thankfully, Silver Sands offers more than just a fitness setting for the footballing enthusiast. I usually bring my own ball, however should you forget, the Villa Mart located inside Silver Sands is the easiest place to get yourself a football. As one of only two boys in my family you might think that my footballing exploits on the white Silver Sands beach would be constrained to simple passing drills. You would be wrong. The sight of a football on the Silver Sands beach has a magnetic effect, suddenly you’ll be surrounded by football lovers from across the world.

football at silver sands jamaica on the beach

Usually the teams can be playfully sorted by country, in my experience England and Jamaica Vs Canada and the US is a common scenario. Beach football is ideal for improving your touch and fitness as running on sand is harder than running on grass. The lack of stones and soft landing of the white Silver Sands beach makes playing football here a safe and highly enjoyable experience. When you’re covered in sweat and sand the beautiful Caribbean sea is just a few footsteps away. Rinse and repeat!

If you are after a more competitive footballing experience then Christmas is the perfect time to visit Silver Sands. At this time of year a small sided football tournament is held on the grass by Rum Jetty. A well established tournament and tradition, the Silver Sands football tournament brings together people from all of the Silver Sands villas and as well as being a great way to play some fun and competitive football it is also a fantastic way to make those new friends that make a Jamaican vacation extra special.

christmas 2013 football tournament at Silver Sands villa Jamaica
The Silver Sands annual football tournament, December 2013. Photo from The Gleaner.

If you are also a fan of watching football it is worth checking online whether Jamaica’s football team, the Reggae Boyz, are playing any matches during the course of your vacation in Jamaica.

So what’s the final verdict on football at Silver Sands Jamaica? Is it a 40 yard screamer or a disappointing own goal? My personal experiences certainly suggest the former. Silver Sands is a dreamy location for building fitness, casual games of beach football and even tournaments. Whether you’re a fan of casual kickabouts or training to be the next Messi, Silver Sands can meet all of your footballing needs.


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