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Exercise and Run on the Jogging Trail at Silver Sands Jamaica
by Prem Chadeesingh

A new, three-kilometer Jogging Trail has been created at Silver Sands. It starts at empty lot opposite Sea Spice Cottage. Pretty signs stake out the 3K route which is suitable for running, walking and cycling. Not sure about cycling when you get to the steps between Endless Summer Villa and Tallawah Villa though. And if you can keep running when you get to the steep hill at Rock Hill Villa, you do indeed deserve a medal.

jogging trail sign at silver sands jamaica

Of course you may vary the route, lenthen or shorten it to suit your ability and state of mind. Guests at Silver Sands Villas have been walking and running around the property for years, especially when the guilt over all those wonderful home-cooked meals sets in. This Jogging Trail gives newbies an idea of what they can do and the seasoned Silver Sands vacationer may find it a help to focus on improving times.

jogging trail sign on west beach

Many people like to walk out to the Gazebo on the Jetty to witness the sunset as it closes down another day in paradise. However early risers will see runners out there, as this is a preferred route in the cool temperatures of the Silver Sands mornings.

two runners on the jetty at silver sands villas near the gazebo

While there is no communal gym at Silver Sands, that does not stop the creative fitness enthusiasts among us from exercising along the Jogging Trail, using benches, steps, logs and tree trunks. There are many such objects around the Silver Sands Estate. The sea front on the West Beach is a favourite area for these activities.

step ups on a tree stump tricep dips using a log
squats using a log or tree stump stretching on a tree trunk

push-ups or press-ups on a log on the seafront

The Jogging Trail has hills and flats, and it covers a fair area of the property, wandering from the sea front to the back roads and back to the sea front again.

Exercising outdoors at Silver Sands in the early morning is becoming a more popular past time. Many guests finish off their sessions by heading down to the wonderful white sand beach for a refreshing swim in the Caribbean Sea.

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