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Kayaking In Jamaica, Fun For The Whole Family   

In Jamaica there is a lot of relaxing and sunbathing to be done, but if you feel like a fun change and a chance to be active, kayaking is definitely the sport to try. No other location compares to kayaking in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.
You may think that kayaking is an activity reserved for experimentation by sporty adults, but you could not be more wrong. Kayaking is ideal for the whole family to do. This open-top kayaking, with no rolls or skirting is easy, even for the youngest of children to do. Kids as young as three have no problem mastering it- it is that simple! Though ensure that they are snug and safe in a life jacket of course.
Kayaking is an excellent sport due to its fantastic aerobic and cardiovascular effects, as well as building your upper body strength. It tones your abdominal muscles, your back and your arms. Therefore it is great working off all those naughty extra holiday ice creams to maintain your beach body. The best thing is the fact that it isn’t like slogging away for hours at the gym, you are still enjoying spending time with your family.
When there are waves in the sea kayaking is more exciting and great fun. However it does require some strength and physical fitness. This is because to get out past the shore break you must point the kayak directly into the oncoming waves. The waves have the ability to rock you off or break and tumble you if you do not adopt this strategy. These are perhaps more suitable conditions for older children and adults.
On the other hand, a flat and calm sea makes it incredibly easy for everyone to kayak, even young children. In the early morning the sea is like a mill pond, which is when it is best, before the trade winds start up. A good idea is to begin your kayaking adventure heading upwind: a time when you are fully energized. Then when you have exhausted yourself kayaking, the warm Jamaican breeze can blow you gently back to the shore. Therefore your return will be pleasantly effortless. 
The experience is a wonderful one as you can gaze to the shore at the green exotic plants met by the expanse of white sand on the beach edged by the blue water of the Caribbean Sea. You can feel the sun rays shining out from the cloudless sapphire sky tanning your back. Jamaica truly feels like paradise.

At Silver Sands Jamaica, kayaks are available for rent at very reasonable rates on an hourly, daily or weekly basis; and the rates include life jackets.

Kayaking is an amazing adventure activity for you and your family whilst you stay in your Jamaica accommodation.

What better way is there to keep fit and have fun on your Jamaica vacation?






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