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Meghan Telpner's Holiday Highlights from Rum Jetty, Silver Sands Jamaica

Holiday Highlights: Photos From Jamaica
Dec 16th, 2010 by Meghan Telpner

It is no secret that every bit of me sings and dances when by the sea, feet in the sand and the sun shining. That is just how it is. I have friends who delight at the thought of skiing down a mountain, cuddling up by a fire after a day out in the snow, but I just can’t feel that. Barefoot, on the beach is where I am at my best and this holiday with my family was just what December ordered. I came back with over 300 photos so picking out a few was no easy task.

Hey, what’s over there!

Weighing out the carrots when the market came to our door (in the trunk of a car)

Our staples for the ten days. How many ways can you cook onions, root vegetables, cucumbers and green beans? I would count the ways but right now, I can’t even think about eating any of those!

My mom, John Wesley and I. He is an old friend of my parents- who have been coming down here for nearly 30 years. He was like the local corner store. “Hey John, do you know where I could get some limes?” And he would come with limes. Irish moss? Yes, he delivered that too!

Happy 8th Night of Chanukah!

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.


Wahooo for bath time with Mia!

A long walk along Duncan’s Bay Beach

Family bonfire.

Mia swimming with grandma Patsy

Getting refreshed after the Falmouth Market

Hunting for Irish Moss

Contemplating puddles.

Sunset over Silver Sands

Home time!


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The Telpners stayed at Rum Jetty, a large family beach house which sits on its own private beach within the Silver Sands Estate. Return to those traditional beach holidays, free from electronic gadgets, when spending time with loved ones is what really matters. That's the Rum Jetty experience at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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