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Windsurfing Nude at Silver Sands Jamaica

It was a beautiful sunny day at Silver Sands Jamaica with a steady North-Easterly onshore breeze of about twelve to fifteen knots, just perfect conditions for intermediate windsurfing enthusiasts. Two such young women abandoned their friends on the beach and windsurfed out to the coral reef, from where they would make their turns and sail back towards the beach, near which they would turn around to complete the usual windsurfing circuit at Silver Sands.

Enjoying the perfect sailing conditions, these two good friends completed circuit after circuit, skipping across the white caps and experimenting with jibes.  When they were getting tired, they both fell off at the same time out at the reef in close proximity to each other. It was actually comforting to get submerged in the cool water and, while hanging onto their boards, have a rest, a stretch and a chat.

This was when these two gorgeous women decided to pull a prank on their friends who were sitting on the beach watching them have fun as they sailed past the shore to make their leeward turns. So out by the reef, as they bobbed up and down in the swells, they stripped off their bikinis and tied them to the masts of their windsurfers. They climbed back on their boards, uphauled their sails, and headed back to the beach completely nude, streaking past their beach and getting as close to their friends as they could without falling in the water.

When they returned to the reef, they ditched their sails and collapsed in the sea in fits of laughter. Hurriedly, they untied their bikinis and slipped them on, and set sail for the beach to hear what their friends would have to say about their stunt.

They beached their boards and strode over to their friends who just ignored them - unfortunately for these two windsurfing nudists, no one on the
Silver Sands Jamaica beach had noticed their prank.


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