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Repeat Guests At Silver Sands Villas Jamaica In February 2011


rubenstein part visits tu mac' villa at silver sands again
Mrs Rubenstein said what keeps her coming back is everyone, it is great, the service is great and everyone is just friendly. She also says that Angella and Constance at Tu Mac' Villa are so great.


soper family returned to silver sands jamaica at kamarr villa 2011
Mr. & Mrs. Soper said what keeps them coming back to Silver Sands is the staff, always so friendly and warm. They enjoy the beach, never have to fight for a beach chair, no vendors on the beach to hassle them and they love that.  They went to Browns Town the other day and the people treated them like they were one of their own - no hassle. They always appreciate the phone calls checking to see if they are ok, and that makes them feel special. They enjoy going over  to the fisherman's beach because they are so friendly.


bowen party return to rum jetty cottage at silver sands jamaica in 2011 
Susan said every year they get together and decide to come to Jamaica. They love it here and the people are always nice and friendly. The beach is private and it's very quiet and peaceful. She said they hardly do any tours when they come; just mostly relaxing, but the last time they were here they went to Dolphins cove. She said spent a few days at Negril before coming to Silver Sands and they were only on the beach for a minute and someone came up asking if they wanted to do jet ski and thats one of the reason they like it here, because the people only welcome them back and say hi.


sara goodwin returned to hang time villa at silver sands jamaica in 2011 
Sara Goodwin said that she chose Silver Sands because it is quiet and private.  She keeps booking with Mysilversands because she likes the service.

loretta fenske returns to rum jetty cottage in silver sands jamaica 
Ms. Loretta said they have been coming here for many years, can't remember how many. She enjoys just sitting on the beach reading, sitting on the verandah, eating at Rum Jetty. The girls always take good care of them. Everyone is nice and they really enjoy being here every year.


vernon hartley, repeat visitor to silver sands villas stayed at quarter deck jamaica 
Mr & Mrs Hartley said that they keep coming back because of the warmth and friendliness of the people.  All the villas that they have stayed at- the staff is just friendly and nice.  They love Silver Sands because it is not rush rush like the resorts and it is more laid back and they just enjoy every moment.  The customer service offered by Mysilversand is excellent  and they appreciate that a lot.

They want to inform potential clients that it is easy to book with Mysilversands.  Answers to queries are within 24hrs; and it is very safe.  Easy access to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.  Not Noisy.  But they need to book early in order not to miss out on their favourite villa and come prepared to relax because everything will be taken care of for you


fay young at queens cottage when she returned to silver sands jamaica
Dr Fay Young said what keeps her coming back is the beautiful Caribbean Sea; and she also said that she was born in Falmouth, Jamaica.  Fay said coming back is like giving back to her home town and she likes the people here as they are very friendly.

tina george returns to hang time villa in silver sands jamaica
Tina George says what keeps her coming back is that she just loves Silver Sands, the people, the Villas and the staff.

mrs maurizio nichele returned to windjammer villa at silver sands jamaica
Mrs. Nichele says they just love Silver Sands, always enjoy being here and they will be back next year for sure.


alexandra shields, mysilversands repeat guest at silver sands villas jamaica
Alexandra says they love Silver Sands and every year around this time her son gets a week off from school so they always plan on being in Jamaica. She used to live and teach here so she enjoys coming back and spending time with family and friends and they will be back next year.

vanessa netherton returns to rum jetty cottage at silver sands jamaica Vanessa Netherton loves Rum Jetty Cottage and its private beach.

westlund famiy return to primrose path villa at silver sands jamaica
Maureen Westlund said that they keep coming back  because it is very relaxing unlike the all inclusive hotels.  The staff is warm and friendly and they love the ladies at Primrose Path.  You do not get this type of service anywhere else.

amanda dempsey returns to silver sands jamaica
Amanda Dempsey says what keeps her coming back is the beach; and best of all she doesn't have to cook or do any house chores and that it is quiet and it is not too touristy.

hillier party returned to bue vista villa at silver sands jamaica
Theresa Hillier said what keeps them coming back is the people here - they are so friendly. They enjoy the house and the housekeepers are great. Whenever they come here it's just to relax and enjoy the beach.

fredrico barna likes the beach and family atmosphere at silver sands villas jamaica
Fedrico says what keeps him coming back is the beach and also Silver Sands is a family place.


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