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Mysilversands Responds To Make Roads Safe Campaign And Provides Safe Transportation Services    

The international tourism industry is being urged to do more to protect tourists from the risk of death and injury on the roads. A report from the Make Roads Safe Campaign and the FIA Foundation warns that tourist deaths on the roads could almost double in the next 10 years. Currently, some 25,000 tourists die on the roads around the world every year.

Mysilversands, offering beautiful and affordable Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments, understands that its guests can be vulnerable to the road user culture in an unfamiliar country and takes pride in ensuring its guests’ safety by providing a safe and efficient transport service customized to their requirements.

Jamaica is a popular tourist destination, welcoming almost three million visitors annually.  To ensure that its guests have a memorable and safe vacation experience at Silver Sands, Mysilversands provides safe travel and transportation opportunities across the island. Says Prem Chadeesingh, Director of Mysilversands, “We realize that in popular vacation destinations like Jamaica, tourists are vulnerable because of differences in road user culture and that they may take risks that they would not take at home. Our transportation service aims to remove any such risks so that the guests have a unique and safe vacation experience.”

Some highlights of the transportation services:
  • Guests’ interests, particularly safety, are placed first.
  • Mysilversands examines the vehicles and documents periodically to ensure compliance with Jamaica laws.
  • All the drivers are independent contractors who are well-known to Mysilversands.
  • All drivers must participate in the Company’s training sessions.
  • All drivers carry mobile phones.
  • All vehicles are air-conditioned and maintained in top condition.
  • Fixed prices are displayed so there are no surprises later.
  • Since independent contractors are used, Mysilversands can allocate the most suitable vehicle to the guests to be transported, taking into consideration their numbers, luggage, and other needs.
  • Children car seats and booster seats are provide free.
  • Rates are very competitive. For example, the Montego Bay Airport to Silver Transfer prices have not changed in fourteen years.
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