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How to Avoid Disappointment When Booking Seafront Vacation Villas

seafront villas at west beach

Have you ever booked a beach vacation at a seafront villa only to find:

  1. It requires a car journey to get to the sea?
  2. It’s near the waterfront, but you can’t see the sea because of those other villas in the way?
  3. There’s nothing between your seafront villa and the sea but there is no way to get from your villa to the sea? 

Mysilversands offers a collection of vacation rental villas that are definitely seafront.


You may be wondering what does “definitely seafront” mean?

The online English Cambridge Dictionary defines seafront as follows:

“the part of a town next to the beach, often with a road along it and a row of houses and shops facing the sea”.


Guests expect seafront to mean the following:

  1. That there is a clear view of the sea.
  2. That it is a short walk to the water.
  3. And that there is no significant structure between the rental property and the sea.

We have the perfect accommodation for you! You are so close to the sea, you can see the water, smell the salt air, and hear the surf. All these Jamaica villas are less than fifty feet from the beautiful Caribbean Sea.


Eirie Blue Villa

pool, hot tub, sea view

Eirie Blue Villa meets all the above criteria, and it also features a gorgeous pool and hot tub on the seafront. There is only a grassy field and a few trees between this villa and the Caribbean Sea. The trade winds sweep across the pool deck from the Northeast, cooling things down. Escape the sun and relax in the seaside shaded verandah. It's perfect for outdoor dining - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Click to learn more about Eirie Blue Villa.


Endless Summer Villa

sunrise from endless summer

Endless Summer Villa is a favourite among Silver Sands repeat visitors. With up to seven bedrooms available on two levels, it is very suitable for large groups. Endless Summer has hosted many diverse groups. Large families, extended families, wedding parties, student doctors, and more have vacationed here. More than thirty coconut trees surround Endless Summer. They frame beautiful views from the two balconies and the upstairs master bedroom. Click to learn more about Endless Summer Villa.



jamahome patio

Jamahome is a more traditional vacation home. Relive childhood memories like strolling the beaches, playing board games, and telling stories. It’s very suitable for anyone with mobility issues as it is all on one level. There are only a couple of single steps throughout the property. Guests love the seaside screened porch. The beautiful sea views and the sea breeze are so relaxing. Watersports enthusiasts make good use of the open grassy areas for equipment. You can launch kayaks from “Baby Beach” which is next to Jamahome. Click to learn more aboutt Jamahome.


Queen’s Cottage

queens cottage timber deck

Queen’s Cottage is seafront, and it is actually on the Silver Sands swimming beach. Enjoy the white sand beach and the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. Or relax on the timber deck overlooking the beach. Soak in the hot tub in the private courtyard which is between the master bedroom and the rest of the beach house. Click to learn more about Queen's Cottage.


Rum Jetty Cottage

rum jetty aerial view

Rum Jetty is more than seafront - it is the only Silver Sands villa that sits on its very own private beach. Step out of your bedroom onto the seaside verandah. And with a few more steps, you are standing on that lovely white sand. A few more strides, and you are swimming in the clean, clear Caribbean Sea. If you want the beach life, Rum Jetty is for you! Click to learn more about Rum Jetty.

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