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Did You Know That You Can Enjoy a Standup Paddleboarding Vacation at Silver Sands Jamaica?

bryan and prem on standup paddle boards


Standup Paddleboarding, also know as Standup Paddle Surfing and simply SUP, is fun and great exercise too! And with a short undemanding learning curve, just about everyone is having a go. It is probably the fastest growing water sport in the world.



Mysilverands does not operate a water sports concession or supervise or teach water sports of any kind, but it does offer its guests SUPs as part of its equipment rental package. 


Many guests have told us that they love to paddleboard early in the morning when the Caribbean Sea is flatter and calmer, which is before the Silver Sands Guest Services desk is open. Mysilversands has therefore decided to make two beautiful paddle boards available for hire to its guests on a weekly basis only. These boards will be delivered to the guest who will be responsible for returning them in the same condition at the end of the rental period.

With shipping and customs clearance to Silver Sands Jamaica, the value of these boards is about US$900.00 each. (Check out the prices on

A deposit of US$900.00 is required (credit card charge upon delivery which will be refunded upon return of the equipment).  


Mysilversands Rental Prices
For Your Exclusive Use 
ubject to availability)

  • The cost to rent each SUP is US$190 per week.
  • Daily Rentals for US$50 per day. Pick-up midday and return the following day at midday. 


If you think that this price is high, please check other rental companies, like this Florida company, and you will see what a great price this is. Go to:


And there is an outfit in Montego Bay that specialises in this water sport. Their rental prices are US$20 for half an hour and US$25 for one hour. Check out Paddle Board Jamaica


Sally, kneeling on the paddleboard Rosie, paddling out through a wave
Beginners go out on their knees, building up confidence and getting through surf.


Another option is to invest in your own and purchase an inflatable paddleboard with two-piece or three-piece paddle and bring it with you. Here is a link to an inflatable SUP sold by Amazon:


paddle board is easy to carry carrying paddle board
Manys paddleboard are light and easy to carry around.


Of course, it is probably a good idea to try out this relatively new water sport at Silver Sands Jamaica before you invest in your own equipment. In the warm water of the Caribbean Sea, learning standup paddleboarding is a great way to develop fitness and have fun.


fishing from a standup paddleboard
One of many ways to enjoy standup paddleboarding.


Googling "standup paddleboarding" will return a lot of interesting information. Not wishing to reinvent the wheel, let me invite you to take a look at BookSurfCamps where you will find a comprehensive article on why you should paddleboard and the health benefits, along with much more. According to BookSurfCamps:
Stand up paddling is a full-body exercise and has become a popular cross-training workout. While the leg muscles do most of the hard work, as they are the ones supporting all the weight, virtually every muscle in your body will be engaged at some point. The arms, back and shoulders are used when paddling. The core, back and abdominal muscles keep your balance."


Here is a video for an introduction to Stand Up Paddling:


Get on board and have fun!.


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by Prem Chadeesingh