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What is That Noise You Hear at Night at Silver Sands Jamaica?

At night, visitors to Silver Sands Jamaica often realise there is a constant background noise. It's uncanny as it very easy fades into the subconscious and is not a bother at all. But the curious guest often wonder, what on earth is making that noise. Sounds like an orchestra, like chirping, squeaky, like crickets...

Guests at Endless Summer Villa decided to catch some tree frogs. Of course, they had to find them first that involved a search in the dark with the help of a flashlight.

We do not know anything about tree frogs, but you will find a lot of information on the web site of the Windsor Research Centre.

scout and georgia looking at tree frog in a jar tree frog on a branch

Many guests, having spent some time at Silver Sands Villas, report that on returning home, they miss the night choir of the Jamaican tree frogs which sang them to sleep on the island.

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