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How To Ensure You Get The Best Service From Your Jamaica Villas Vacation Rental With Staff

"Every morning we awoke to the amazing aroma of bacon, served with eggs, pancakes, french toast, an array of the best melt-in-your-mouth exotic fresh fruits we’ve ever eaten…" from TripAdvisor

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When you book a Staffed Villa at Silver Sands Jamaica, you are in for a memorable vacation like no other!

BUT, if this is going to be the first time you are treating yourself to a Jamaica villa rental with staff, it is best to be prepared. 

Some people have anxieties about a villa with staff. Are you new to this, and do you have the following concerns?

  1. You feel a little awkward, that it is not “right” that other people should be cooking, cleaning and picking up after you.

  2. You are anxious about it because you are worried you may not get along with the staff employed to serve you.

  3. You are wondering how you will handle a situation if your Villa Staff are not performing their jobs to your satisfaction. Who would you complain to and how would it be resolved? 

  4. You are concerned that you will not have privacy.

  5. The thought of having Villa Staff scares you because you have never done it before.

1. Do You Feel Sensitive About Having Staff Do Your Chores?

Some people are super sensitive to having others picking up after them while they are stretched out on a lounge chair by the pool with cold drink in hand. Maybe you didn’t grow up with servants. You may ask yourself, “How can that be right?” 

Please rest assured that your villa staff will be doing their jobs, and they want you to relax and enjoy your Jamaica vacation to the fullest. They not only want you to be happy, they want you to come back.

You may feel better knowing that your villa vacation with personal staff is providing them with jobs. And that is very important in Jamaica where unemployment among this demographic is very high.

2. Will You Get along With Your Jamaican Villa Staff?

Mysilversands offers a wide range of accommodation in Jamaica to suit most tastes and budgets. Is your private Villa on the budget-end or the super-luxury side of the scale? It doesn’t matter, as your dedicated staff will be trained to provide the required services to you. You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to be treated like royalty by your accommodation staff.

Yes, like you, the staff are people too and it is refreshing to find that they are all different and do not put on fake smiles and parrot “have a nice day” meaninglessly.

Will your first encounters with your villa staff be a bit awkward? 

Maybe. It takes some guests a little time to adjust to the Jamaican culture and accent, so don’t be concerned if you find your first encounters a bit challenging. We feel that the best way for everyone to get along and avoid misunderstandings is for everyone to meet as soon as possible after your arrival, sit down together and have an informal chat. Go over 

  • Staff shift times

  • Staff responsibilities

  • Your special requirements (any food allergies?)

  • Personal laundry

  • Menus

  • Meal times

  • Purchasing groceries and their cost

You are paying for the groceries, so don’t be shy!

If you have a budget for food and drink, don’t hesitate to advise the staff; and do not feel too shy to request and review your grocery bills throughout your stay so there are no surprises at the end. (Remember tap water in Jamaica is safe to drink, so don’t waste money on bottled water. Who needs more plastic bottles anyway?!)
food served and nadine serving
“It’s been nice seeing you, now goodnight and see you tomorrow!”

Some Jamaica Villas provide twenty-four hour staff, and while you may love this, you may not want to see them after or before certain times. That’s your prerogative, so do not hesitate to advise the staff of their “no show” times.

Aren’t we all different?

Our repeat guests who have stayed in different accommodations report that the staff are all different. Guess what? Our villa staff report that guests they host are all different too!

Although most villa staff are good at picking up cues and interpreting body language, it should be remembered that they are not mind-readers, and it is best to talk to them about any concerns you may have. The staff often have to make incredible changes in their interaction with their guests.  

For example, one set of guests may treat the staff like family, inviting them to share meals and even go on excursions with them; and then the next set may treat the staff very formally and only talk to them when they need to communicate. That’s quite a change to adapt to, won’t you agree?

While there may appear to be so many things that can go wrong, in the vast majority of cases, nothing goes wrong. Guests love their staff and vice versa. It is very common for our guests making repeat visits to our Jamaican villas to return to the accommodation with the staff they know and love (even when they are not too crazy about the villa). Many guests, wishing to try a different accommodation on a repeat visit, even ask us to move “their” staff from their last visit to the new accommodation (a request that we cannot grant as the staff are dedicated to "their" property).

Who is there for YOU?

In the rare instance, should you wish to have any help with your staff, when you book with Mysilversands, we are there for you every day of the year. Just talk to us and we will respond promptly.

If the staff do not mention something that you feel should be discussed or something that’s important to you, do not hesitate to bring it up.

3. If I am not happy with my Villa Staff, what can I do?

We do our best, from providing a truthful web site to communicating with guests by email and telephone prior to their arrival, to carrying out follow-up checks during their stay, trying to ensure that everything goes well. But, let’s be honest. It’s not a perfect world. No one is perfect, and sometimes things go wrong. What’s important then, is what’s done, should things go wrong for you.

This is where our guests tell us that Mysilversands truly excels. Mysilversands represents over fifty villas and cottages, that is more accommodation at Silver Sands Jamaica than anyone else. But, and this is an important but, Mysilversands does NOT represent ALL the vacation rentals there.

Why, you may wonder! Some accommodations do not meet our standards. Some property owners do not follow the rules and regulations of the Government of Jamaica - things that are required to operate legally. Some do not carry Public Liability Insurance which is a legal requirement for operating a villa rental business. Some property owners are not willing to sign the Mysilversands Standard Marketing Agreement which is a requirement of Mysilversands’ Insurers in England. If a property owner will not do the necessary, Mysilversands cannot book guests into that accommodation.

Mysilversands is on site at Silver Sands Jamaica every single day of the year, and that means EVERY DAY, including all Public Holidays. So no matter what day it is, you may call us or simply walk down to our Reception Desk on the Patio to discuss any help that you may need.

And furthermore, when you book with Mysilversands, you are  assigned a Rep who will be on call to you twenty-four hours per day. You need help in the middle of the night? Give her a call!

In light of all of the above, in the rare instance that you may need to switch from one villa to another, who is best placed to serve you? Mysilversands with its ever present smiling staff of course. With over fifty houses in our Rental Pool, Mysilversands is far better equipped to switch your accommodation than anyone else.

clothes washed and ironed at silver sands
At the end of your vacation, your laundry - washed, ironed, and ready for you to pack.


4. Will My Private Villa Vacation be “private” when there is staff?

Every villa is different in terms of the level of staff and the services provided. Our Mysilversands web site provides a lot of information on each villa page. It’s best to read this carefully in order to make an informed selection that will really suit you and your family and friends.

The best way to deal with privacy requirements is to be upfront and frank about it. Tell the villa staff what you would like.

Some accommodation offer eight hours of service, while others offer more, even up to twenty-four hours. So if, for example, you do not want the staff to come to you bedroom before a certain time, just say so. If your accommodation provides live-in staff and you want them to disappear, for example, at 9:00 pm, just say so.

And if you do not want staff “hovering” over you at meal times, just advise them to serve the meal and you will call them when you need them.

In most properties, if you wish, it is possible to let the staff go home early and/or come in late. Some may even permit a no-staff day or two; but it is not possible to book the accommodation without staff. 

They are your villa staff, there to provide the level of service that you want, and it will work best when you let them know what you want.

5. Is this Your First Time With Villa Staff?

Relax! Yes, any new experience can be scary, but if we didn’t try new things, life would NOT be an increasing inventory of enjoyable pastimes. Without new experiences life would soon grow dull and boring.

If you are like most people, you will find your villa rental staff to be a major factor in the enjoyment of your Jamaica vacation. That statement is not wishful thinking - it is backed up by hard data. You may verify it yourself - look up the hundreds of authentic, unedited reviews posted by guests on our web site and you will see that except in a very few instances the Villa Staff are rated five stars out of five. Don’t stop there! Read the guests’ comments and you will see that our visitors praise their staff, very often much more than their accommodation, tours, and everything else.

In addition to posting reviews on our web site, many guests have given up their precious time to email us separately to tell us how their Villa Staff made their vacations the best ever. They post glowing comments on our Facebook Page and review sites like TripAdvisor.

Do you still have questions about our Villa Staff? Ask us

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