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New Cruise Ship Port at Falmouth Jamaica Welcomes Voyager of the Seas


In Jamaica on 17 February 2011, there was an abundance of excitement in the small town of Falmouth when its newly constructed pier welcomed its first cruise ship, the Voyager of the Seas. The atmosphere was like a carnival with people from all walks of life coming out to witness the historic occasion.

Teachers took their classes to get a first look as they knew that many of their young students would not have seen anything like it before. There were jonkanoo dancers, craft vendors, and even a dressed up donkey. Tourists strolled off the ship to get their first look at Falmouth. A fleet of buses awaited their arrival to transport them to the exciting attractions and sites of their choice.

voyager of the seas approaching falmouth jamaica
Voyager of the Seas coming into Falmouth Port.

voyager of the seas docked at falmouth jamaica
Voyager of the Seas docked in Falmouth, Jamaica

Guests at Silver Sands can expect the developments in Falmouth which is only a few miles away to open up new areas of activities for them. Already, the internationally famous Chukka Cove has leased the nearby Good Hope Estate where it has opened an array of activities including horseback riding, canopy tours, and more.

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