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Silver Sands Villas Jamaica News

Independence Day Free Beach Party
The celebrations will be held on the Patio on the fabulous white sand beach from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Tyrone, who was the DJ during the highly-appreciated Banana Bread Bake-off, will keep the guests entertained. In keeping with the spirit of Independence Day, the venue will be decorated in gold, green and black, symbolizing the colours of the National Flag. As part of the festivities, guests will be able to sample the best of Jamaican food and drinks amidst the backdrop of lively Jamaican music. More:
Independence Day Free Beach Party

Half Price Fall Special 2010
Never before has Mysilversands been able to make an offer as incredible as this. Several beautiful Silver Sands villas and cottages are now available at 50% off any stay of a week or longer during the period October 1 to 24, 2010. Read more about:
Half Price Fall Special 2010

Free Night Out in Montego Bay
Our guests have told us that while they love their relaxed stay in our villas and cottages, they do feel that they are missing out on Jamaica’s night life. Therefore, Mysilversands is offering its guests at Silver Sands Villas free transportation to and from the Hip Strip for an unforgettable night out every Thursday night. Read more about:
Free Night Out in Montego Bay

I Love Marcia's Blue Drawers
I love Marcia's blue drawers. Mmmm, tastes so good! Marcia, who works at Silver Pointe Cottage, Silver Sands, gave them to me as a special treat. She had never given them to anyone before, so I was specially honoured.  Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, they should know that Marcia and I have a very special relationship. Many people who work at Silver Sands call Marcia my second mother. Read more about:
Marcia's Blue Drawers

The Oleander - Pretty but Poisonious
The Oleander is a common garden plant in Jamaica. It can be seen all over the Silver Sands property, many home owners using it as a colourful hedge. See some photos here:
The Oleander - Pretty but Poisonous

Will the Caribbean Sea Spoil You?
After a few minutes of my dismissing her excuses, she told me with great finality in her voice, “Dad, understand this! I am a city girl - I don’t do surfing or any of that stuff. Besides, after being accustomed to the Caribbean Sea, I can’t go into that freezing water!”
Will the Caribbean Sea Spoil You?

Jeff's Pastry is Yummy!
Jeff was a fisherman for many years, but  decreasing catch sizes and expensive materials required for nets, etc., forced him to consider another way of making a living. Very wisely, Jeff experimented with pastry while he continued fishing.  He wanted to ensure that this new venture would succeed.Eventually, Jeff abandoned fishing and, with his wife, started making and selling his pastry, pictured on this page.
Jeff's Pastry

When is an Accommodation a Villa? In Jamaica, Size is not Everything!
In order to clear up ambiguity, I want to pin down a definition of villa as it is used in Jamaica so when you book a vacation in Jamaica villas you can properly evaluate what you will be renting.
Definition of a Villa

Where is a Scotch Bonnet not a Hat? In Jamaica Mon.
When you are vacationing in a Silver Sands villa, your cook will be happy to purchase your groceries for you. Don’t be surprised if you see on the shopping list a very strange item - Scotch Bonnet.
Scotch Bonnet

Mysilversands Banana Bread Bake-off
All the staff of Mysilversands were happy to show their appreciation to the wonderful cooks of the Silver Sands villas and Silver Sands cottages. The cooks gathered together after the presentation to chit chat, congratulate each other, taste the entries, and exchange tips. It was wonderful to see them enjoy the contest and the well-deserved recognition from Mysilversands.
Mysilversands Banana Bread Bake-off

Why Jamaicans Suck Oranges
More affluent Jamaicans will juice oranges into a jug, store in their fridge, and consume it just as people in developed countries do with store-bought cartons of orange juice. But ordinary Jamaicans don’t do that - they suck oranges! And to suck an orange, you have to peel it with a sharp knife to remove the bitter tasting rind.
Why Jamaicans Suck Oranges

Maintaining the Silver Sands Beach
A backhoe is used to level the beach and surrounding areas and dump the excess sand back into the sea. This is an important bit of maintenance that is required to keep the Silver Sands beach in top condition.
Silver Sands Beach Maintenance

The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands and the Fisherman's Beach
Take a stroll over to the newly renovated Fisherman's Beach! You will find an array of little shops, each manned by a true Jamaican entrepreneur. You will also find a small fishing community going about its business as it always has. Take your time and soak in the atmosphere. We have always found the folks over there to be warm and friendly, and never pushy.
The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica

The Royal Visit by Eileen Clarke
Owen had amassed every conceivable wine, liquor and soft drink he could think of and the Queen ordered fresh orange juice!!  Dismay!  Somehow they found a few oranges somewhere and managed with great composure to serve the Queen with her choice.
The Royal Visit 1954

Silver Sands Jetty - Ruins Under the Sea
Get pampered with spa services in your Silver Sands villas, Silver Sands cottages, Jamaica villas, and Jamaica apartments.
Silver Sands Jetty Ruins

Nicola Browne - Tropical Escape Spa Service
Get pampered with spa services in your Silver Sands villas, Silver Sands cottages, Jamaica villas, and Jamaica apartments.
Nicola Browne - Tropical Escape Spa Service

Discover Two Hills Falls & Park, Trelawny
I can imagine coming here with friends and a picnic and spending the day relaxing on the bank of the river, making a fire and doing some jerk, just like in the old days. One can swim in the river and someone has even strung a rope from a tree over the water.
Two Hills Falls and Park

Real Estate Listings
As a community service here are free real estate listings.
Real Estate For Sale by Owner

History of Silver Sands Jamaica
What is now known as Silver Sands was originally a port for the shipping of sugar and rum from what was then called Derby Wharf. The Jetty was built to accommodate the schooners that came from England for the produce, and was the main reason for the formation of the beach which, of course, was called Derby Beach.
In 1996, H. S. Ives wrote this History of Silver Sands
See also A History of Silver Sands by Eileen Clarke

Honeymoon at Silver Sands Cottages in 1955
Peter Rimmer and his bride honeymooned at Queen's Cottage, Silver Sands Jamaica in 1955. Peter wrote:
"Pam and I were married in Montego Bay from where we drove over to Silver Sands in a tiny British car from a convivial Wedding Reception which (my wife reminds me whenever the subject comes up) I was reluctant to leave." Read more here.
Honeymoon at Silver Sands Cottages in 1955

Fruits, Flowers, Trees, and Animals at Silver Sands Jamaica
Look around Silver Sands. There is an amazing variety of fruits, flowers, trees and animals.
Fruits, Flowers, Trees, and Animals at Silver Sands Jamaica