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Small Businesses - Jeff's Pastry

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Jeff's Pastry is Yummy!

Jeff was a fisherman for many years, but  decreasing catch sizes and expensive materials required for nets, etc., forced him to consider another way of making a living. Very wisely, Jeff experimented with pastry while he continued fishing.  He wanted to ensure that this new venture would succeed.

Eventually, Jeff abandoned fishing and, with his wife, started making and selling his pastry, pictured on this page.

Jeff uses coconut in all the items. He buys dry coconuts from the market in Falmouth.

Jeff is also his best salesman, going around with the pastry in a recycled ice cream bucket, strapped to a carrier, that he made, on the front of his bicycle.

He rides around Duncans, Spicy Hill, Carey Park, Logwood Walk and Prospect, selling directly to the consumer. He has been doing this for over ten years now, and he has built up a clientele. Sometimes he goes to the schools as children love his pastry.

jeff's pastry - coconut drops
Coconut Drops

jeff's pastry - gizzada

Jeff makes sure to keep informed about sporting events in these neighbourhoods as that is where he does really well. He tries not to miss any of these events.

Jef's Pastry - Grater Cake
Grater Cake

Jeff's Pastry - Peanut Drops
Peanut Drops

All Jeff's Pastry items are available at Villa Mart at Silver Sands Jamaica. Jeff's only retail outlet is Villa Mart. If you want large quantities of any item to take home with you at the end of your stay at Silver Sands villas, Villa Mart will take your special order. If you have not tried these pastries, you owe it to yourself to do so as soon as possible.

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