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Snorkeling at Silver Sands - How



Snorkeling equipment consists of:
  • face mask
  • snorkel
  • flippers.

While your pleasure at pursuing any sport is directly related to the quality of your equipment, never was that more true than in the case of snorkeling equipment. A leaky or improperly fitting mask or a leaky snorkel means that you spend all your time treading water vainly adjusting your equipment rather than looking at the fish. If you're near sighted or don't wear your contact lenses in the water (which you are not supposed to do, but my daughters always have and it's never been a problem), you'll be happier if you purchase a face mask with your subscription in it. If you are just a bit nearsighted you probably won't have a problem because water magnifies, but if you have much of a prescription, order a customized mask (which may take up to 6 weeks, so don't try to make this a last minute purchase). They are surprisingly cheap considering what normal glasses cost and make all the difference.

bengel family prepare for snorkling

Snorkeling is a family affair for the Bengels, photo contributed by Rick Evans. View their vacation photos at Richard Evans Guest Album

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