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Fruits, Flowers, Trees, and Animals at Silver Sands Jamaica

Una Makes Soursop Juice at Endless Summer, Silver Sands Jamaica

All the villa staff at Endless Summer know how much I love local fruits. So Richard brought me a ripe soursop which he picked from a tree where he lives.

Without hesitation, Una offered to make soursop juice for me. She peeled the soursop, removing all the bumpy skin with her fingers. She mashed the white insides in a bowl and added water as I did not want her to use milk. Many people prefer their soursop juice made with milk, but I like a more natural juice.

Una squeezed the pulp in the water and then strained it into a jug. She added a little fresh lime juice, grated ginger root, and sugar. And my juice was ready! It was simply delicious.

 I thought that guests in Jamaica villas have so many wonderful opportunities to try things Jamaican. Ask your villa cook to make this for you. Sometimes, Tru Juice has soursop juice available and you can buy it at Villa Mart.

  Fruits, Flowers, Trees and Animals

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