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Mosquito & Insect Protection at Tallawah Villa in SIlver Sands Jamaica

Tallawah Villa has state-of-the-art mosquito screens throughout the Villa.

The screens used on Tallawah Villa's Windows and doors are small enough to keep out both mosquitoes and even the smaller, Noseeum bugs. Additionally, Tallawah Villa has custom-made Centor sliding screen doors both for the master bedroom balcony and for the 24 foot wide opening from the great room to the pool. This way, the large doors can remain open all day allowing breezes into the villa while reducing the risk of mosquitoes entering when the screens are shut. 
For outdoor dining at night by the pool, the Villa has two electric bug zappers that are placed at the corners of the property. 
At night, mosquito Vape machines are in each bedroom if needed. Air conditioning and ceiling fans are most effective. 

Guests are always free to let the staff know of any questions they may have. Tallawah Villa has not had issues with mosquitoes, given the precautions taken.


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