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Dreaming of a Barefoot Vacation?


woman walking barefoot on beach

Your footprints in the sand.

Your toes sinking slowly as you walk into the clean Caribbean Sea at Silver Sands Jamaica.

Imagine spending a week on vacation and never wearing shoes!

Well dream no more! You can do that at Tallawah Villa - a staffed luxury vacation rental just a hop, skip and a jump from the gorgeous Silver Sands beach.


woman lying barefoot on the beach

This comfortable private vacation villa allows you the opportunity to go back to basics, whilst still enjoying the best that Jamaica has to offer. With staff on hand to cater to your every need, what’s to stop you taking that barefoot stroll from your pool deck down to the beach?

beach scenes at silver sands

And, if you’re an early riser, catch the sunrise with a hot cup of Jamaica’s finest Blue Mountain coffee. For the yogis out there, the beach is also the perfect place to limber up.

couple embracing on the beach

Choosing to walk barefoot is a growing movement known as “earthing”, and some studies have shown this contact with Mother Nature to help reduce stress and boost immunity. 

Whether or not you’re convinced of the earth’s healing properties, why not try it out at Tallawah Villa? You’ve nothing to lose, and you may just have the best vacation of your life!

Tallawah Villa

The West beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.
sunrise on west beach at silver sands jamaica

Here are some comments from our guests:

  • "It just feels so nice on my feet that I can walk up and down the beach all day long. I feel so free not having my feet confined by shoes."
  • "Sand makes my feet feel nice and soft - it's nature's pedicure. No shoes mon - no problem mon!"
  • "It makes me feel connected to the Earth."
  • "The sand at Silver Sands is clean, soft, ad warm."
  • "I like to stand in chest-deep water and look down through the clear blue Caribbean Sea at my toes in the sand."

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tallawah on the sea front

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