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Transportation Using Local Buses

Cheap Public Transportation - Is this for You?

For very cheap transportation there are the local buses, also called mini-buses. But don't expect printed or posted timetables and schedules. You will have to ask the locals where to find the buses and how much you should expect to pay. Again, like local taxis, these buses appear to operate at the drivers' discretion. Very often, they will not depart until there is a full load (full really means FULL!) and the drivers may stop anywhere they choose.

The fares on these buses are cheap but they do have a reputation for crowding, speeding and "creative" driving practices. There has even been at least one popular reggae song written about them, called "Two White Girls Pon A Mini-Bus."


It may be best to think of traveling on a local mini-bus this way:

It's not just a drive, it's an adventure!

Perhaps it's best to stick with our reliable and safe transportation services.