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When is an Accommodation a Villa? In Jamaica, Size is not Everything!         

The word “villa” means different things in different parts of the World. It has evolved from its original Roman meaning of an upper-class country house to, in modern times, a specific type of detached suburban dwelling, and more specifically to vacation accommodation for the more affluent in society.

In order to clear up ambiguity, I want to pin down a definition of villa as it is used in Jamaica so when you book a vacation in Jamaica villas you can properly evaluate what you will be renting.

We can all agree that a villa is firstly a type of accommodation.
But is a tent in a campground a villa? Certainly not! Is a tree house a villa? No.

So far it is easy to state what is NOT a villa. How about an apartment? Is an apartment a villa? I say no. We can therefore make some progress and agree that a villa is a house, standing on its own land space. It is not attached to any other building. But I am sure you will agree that every detached house is not a villa. So what makes a house a villa and not just a dwelling? In Jamaica, villas have a greater degree of luxury than most private dwellings.

So is it a matter of size since size often denotes luxury? While I would not call a twenty foot by twenty foot one bedroom dwelling a villa, this does not mean that there cannot be a one bedroom villa. But I would expect a one bedroom villa to be a very large house even though it only has one bedroom.

At the same time, I will hasten to add that not all large houses are villas. So size is not everything. A large house may not be luxurious and may not have the character of a villa.

So that is another element to consider when trying to determine if an accommodation is a villa - character.

I think a private swimming pool or plunge pool will make any large house a villa, as this amenity adds a great deal of luxury to the accommodation. Your own private pool is a great luxury.

Another element to consider is location. Is an accommodation in the heart of a busy city a villa? Or does it only become a villa when it is situated in a relaxing location, like the seaside, a lake, the bank of a river, in the mountains, etc.? I think so.

Therefore there are six factors to consider when trying to determine whether an accommodation is a villa or not:

1. Size
2. Detached with land space around it.
3. Private Pool
4. Amenities for vacationers
5. Designed for the affluent in society
6. Location

So here is my definition: A Jamaica villa is a large detached house designed for vacations with a swimming pool and other amenities, catering to the more affluent in society and located away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

So when you book a vacation in Jamaica villas, now you know what you should get. And of course there are many Silver Sands villas to choose from.