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Windsor Caves and Cockpit Country


visit the cockpit country in the interior

Visit the Cockpit Country - the dense forests where the Maroons, runaway slaves, hid from and fought the British colonials, who were eventually forced to sign a treaty recognizing them as free individuals, and to grant them their territories.

Distance from Silver Sands to Windsor Caves and Cockpit Country: 11 miles

From Silver Sands, take the winding road up from Duncans up the hills and through the sugar cane fields into the interior. This colourful journey takes you past the Long Pond Sugar Factory which you may tour to experience the operations of a working refinery.

The journey to the Cockpit Country takes you through many small villages. When you leave the last town, Sherwood Content, the road narrows, and piped water and electricity stops. Two milesfurther on, the road stops where the Cockpit Country starts.

Here you will find the source of the Martha Brae River and the amazing Windsor Caves, another undeveloped attraction. Of course there are a couple of enterprising Jamaicans who have established themselves as "guides" to take you into the 12 mile long caves. They will also lead you on hikes into the jungle and even all the way across to the other side of the Cockpit Country. There are no marked trails, and as you can tell from the way the folks in the photo (at left) are dressed, the bugs can be fierce.

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