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My Yoga Vacation at Silver Sands Jamaica

Book a Yoga Vacation at Silver Sands Jamaica.

Choose your perfect accommodation by the Caribbean Sea and add some yoga to your stay. As little or as much as you would like - our qualified, experienced yoga instructor will tailor-make a program just for you!

middle-aged couple doing yoga on the beach

The serene beauty of the northern shores of Jamaica can evoke emotions of gratitude, devotion and love. What a majestic place for a rejuvenating and replenishing Yoga Vacation! Practising Yoga, uniting your mind and body, is the perfect recreation for your Jamaica villa vacation. The anticipation of meditating and performing poses under the magnificence of the Caribbean sky is so exciting. Nothing else matters. Choose a beautiful villa at Silver Sands now and experience a marvellous retreat with a Yoga Vacation program designed especially for you. 
On your Jamaica vacation, you can enjoy private Yoga classes within the comforts of your own villa rental or at other sites on the Silver Sands estate, where choosing the perfect one will be a breeze. It will be our pleasure to guide you in selecting the best Yoga program even before you arrive. Our qualified Yoga instructor will customize a program which fits your level. 
Whether it is your first time or you have already completed numerous sessions as an enlightened Yogi, you will certainly enjoy this new experience. This uplifting journey will awaken your heart, body and soul to the immensity of the universe. You have the liberty to choose your schedule and location. Remember that you are on vacation and you can do as you please. We want you to feel relaxed and happy while you engage in the beautiful and beneficial practice of Yoga.
young man doing yoga by the sea 

Significant Benefits of Yoga

Life and work balance can be achieved if you show passion for your work and indulge in rejuvenating vacations. Yoga has a similar goal because it aims to unite all areas of your life to attain equilibrium from within and in your connection to the world. 

woman in white standing by pool in yoga pose young woman sitting by pool in yoga pose man standing in yoga pose
Achieve Balance - When you practise Yoga during your vacations, you will be able to adapt to the pace of your surroundings. If you left a hectic schedule in the city and went on a retreat here at Silver Sands, your pace will change. To help you flow seamlessly to your new routine, you can meditate and feel the presence of the earth around you. Imagine performing sun salutations near the pool of your own villa while you glance at the shining yellow orb in the Caribbean sky. You will find your rhythm as you let ultimate tranquility and grace embrace you. 

woman sitting on the beach in yoga pose
Light and Love - A positive mindset relieves stress and transports you to a happy place. A Yoga vacation at Silver Sands is your personal retreat from chaos and negative energy. Waking up in a gorgeous villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea will replenish your mind with an abundance of positive energy. You will have complete privacy so you can focus on finding your source of light while meditating and doing Yoga poses.

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Flexibility, Grace & Strength - Most people engage in sports and leisure activities on their vacation. When you practise Yoga beside the pool as the sun rises, you will notice a more flexible and stronger version of yourself for the rest of the day. You will have better stamina for frisbee and volleyball and more graceful movements for dancing!

Yoga by the Beach at Silver Sands 

young couple sitting by the sea doing yoga
Nothing compares to the exquisite venues of your Yoga sessions at Silver Sands. The captivating presence of the sea as you perform your Yoga poses is such a delight. Your spirit will be in its perfect state when you gaze at the lovely yellow hues of the sun as it ripples out of the vivid blue sky. 
Donning your complete Yoga attire and perfectly comfortable as you move barefoot on the sand, you will feel a rush of positive energy on the beach right before your Yoga session commences. You may wish to abandon your yoga mat and with a little ingenuity, practise Yoga barefoot on the fine powdery sand. A Yoga session like this captures the essence of communing with nature in the most authentic way possible. Performing Yoga in the outdoors, like the beach, other natural environments requires your full commitment. Revel in the extraordinary experience! 

Meet Your Yoga Instructor

Cassanie Mckenzie is an inspiring Jamaican Yoga instructor who travels every year to discover more possibilities in the world of Yoga. She made a life decision to pursue teaching Yoga at the Sivananda ashram on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, leaving her previous life in the corporate world in 2008 and never looking back. 
She has a most exquisite technique of teaching Yoga. Her Yoga classes may be defined as an alignment-based flow with keen attention to the breath and mindfulness meditation. She aims to engage each student on a level of deep inner knowing of his or her true nature. Isn't that just incredible? 
On her explorations as a certified Yogi, Cassanie continuously widens her horizon and now she has expanded into the world of holistic nutrition. She is eager to take students with her on the journey of "clean" eating, transformative Yoga and positive thinking practices in the form of weekend or week-long Yoga retreats.
Guided by a renowned Yoga teacher, you will feel more confident about a soul-changing Yoga Vacation custom-designed for you at any of our exquisite villas here at Silver Sands. Let your thoughts travel to this Jamaican paradise for a moment and allow your mind to find solace while you make a decision to come here... and then breathe. Book your villa today and see you soon! 

How to Book

Prices for accommodation are posted here on this web site. The cost of the yoga program will depend on the number of participants and the details of your program (number of classes per day, duration of classes, etc.). Some villas are offering discounts for persons booking yoga vacations - ask about these special offers.
Contact us at or phone us at (876) 954 7606 or (876) 954 7807 and tell us what you would like to do.