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Things To Do on Vacation in Jamaica Villas, Cottages and Apartments

Jamaica is not just a beach!
On some islands, you go to the beach.
After that you go to the beach.
There's nothing else.

Going to the beach is fine, but if you want to do more, 
Jamaica is not just a beach!

Jamaica is a mountainous country with an abundance of attractions, sights, and activities. Rivers and waterfalls, mountains and valleys, and an abundance of flora and fauna.

Do you want to do things that most visitors never even hear about?
Check out Real Jamaican Experiences.Here are some attractions, activities, and things to do to wet your appetite:

Take a Walkabout in Falmouth and Visit the Market

falmouth lower parade street

Are you searching for some local culture, some busy streetlife? Want to try some Jamaican streetfood? 
More: Visit Falmouth and the Market

Visit With Ezekiel, the Rastaman

ezekiel walking away to his house

Visit the Rastaman, Ezekiel and learn about his way of life. 
More: Visit With Ezekiel

"Dark Moon" Paddle Safari on the Luminous Lagoon

the luminous lagoon

Experience the amazing bioluminescent Luminous Lagoon on paddleboards and kayaks. 
More: Dark Moon Luminous Lagoon Paddle Safari

Paddleboard and Kayak Safari

lea on kayak

Enjoy a paddleboard and kayak safari from Rio Bueno to Silver Sands. More: Paddleboard and Kayak Safari

Falmouth Food Tour 

main street falmouth part of the walking food tour

Stroll through the streets of Falmouth, famous for its Georgian architecture. Enjoy the sights and hustle 'n bustle of this busy town, while you sample Jamaica's creative cuisine, on the streets and in small restaurants. Your very friendly, knowledgeable and professional guides will keep you smiling with interesting tales of the island's history and the important role that Falmouth and Trelawny played in shaping Jamaica. More: Falmouth Food Tour

Turtle River Falls and Gardens, Ocho Rios 

turtle river falls

Just a few minutes drive from the main road, near the Cruise Ship Pier in  Ocho Rios, you will find the beautiful property, Turte River Falls and Gardens, with cascading watefalls, more gentle than Dunn's River Falls, an atrium, fish pond, and much more.
More: Turtle River Falls and Gardens


Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding at Silver Sands and Burwood Beach 

I am writing this on the island of Oahu where I am visiting my son. We kite together here, and the Hawaiian waters are beautiful. But I've never experienced anything like that emerald color outside the reef at Burwood Beach at White Bay, just a few miles West of Silver Sands.
More: Kitesurfing Jamaica


The Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K
reggae marathon logo

Every year, on the first weekend in December, Negril hosts the Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K. Runners from all over Jamaica and the rest of the world visit this tourist paradise for the early morning competition. Whether you are a serious runner or just starting out, one thing you can be sure of - you will have lots of fun, as this race is unlike any other in the world.
Get more details on The Reggae Marathon.

Blue Hole
blue hole waterfalls in ocho rios jamaica
Blue Hole is an unofficial, unlicenced attraction located a few miles South of Ocho Rios. A local self-proclaimed guide will offer his services to take you on a tour of the river where you visit many swimming pools formed in the rocky river bed with beautiful waterfalls and hidden caves. 
Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

Luxurious Spa Treatments In Your Jamaica Villa By Sweet Caroline
caroline pounall unique body care in villa spa treatments at silver sands jamaica
Sweet Caroline's Unique Body Care takes the stress out of traveling with luxurious spa treatments in the comfort of your villa. Special online booking offer available.
Spa Treatments In Your Villa By Sweet Caroline

Windsurfing Vacation At Silver Sands Jamaica Villas
windsurfing at silver sands villas jamaica
For the windsurfing enthusiast traveling with friends and family, Silver Sands is a dream vacation come true. As not everyone in the party may be into windsurfing, one has to consider what the non-windsurfers will do other than spend lazy days on the beach.
Windsurfing Vacation At Silver Sands Villas Jamaica

Bodyboarding On Your Jamaica Villa Vacation
fun bodyboarding at silver sands jamaica
This sport is a dream as the learning curve to have fun is very short. Anyone can stand in the sea, hold the foam board in front of his body and move forward on it when a wave approaches, allowing the force of the water to propel him to the beach. With practice, those rides to the beach become smoother, longer, and faster.
Bodyboarding On Your Jamaica Villa Vacation


Braco Stables Adventure Tours Jamaica
braco stables horseback riding tour featruring the sea swim on bareback
Famous for the popular sea swim on horseback riding tours, Braco Stables now offers hiking and biking tours as well as river tours on the Rio Bueno with rating kayaking and river-boarding options. Click to discover more:
Braco Stables Adventure Tours Jamaica

Learn to Sail a Sunfish
If you want to take up the exciting sport of sailing, there is no better introduction than learning to sail a sunfish sailboat while you are on vacation in Jamaica. Check it out here:
Sunfish Sailing

Dine At A Cook Shop On The Beach (now closed down)
On most beaches in Jamaica, you will find the locals with their basic cook shops, serving up some of the best local food you could wish for. A truly amazing one is the "Taste A Yaad Restaurant" on White Bay in Trelawny. Check it out here:
Taste A Yaad Restaurant on White Bay, Trelawny, Jamaica

Jamaica Craft Vendors
Meet and shop with a Jamaican Craft Vendor. These men and women can be found all over the island, especially near the tourist resorts and attractions. In the craft markets, they tend to be aggressive, hustling for business as there is a lot of competition among themselves. In more remote areas and when found on their own or in small groups, you can get to know them and enjoy their company with no pressure to buy anything. Follow this link to meet Ringo, craftsman who plies his trade at Blue Lagoon, near San San villas in Port Antonio.
Jamaica Craft Vendors - Ringo at Blue Lagoon, San San Villas, Port Antonio


Alphabetical Listing:

Black River Safari
black river safari
Black River Safari

Church - Visit a Local Church
local church near duncans
Local church

Cranbrook Flower Forest
anthurium at cranbrook flower forest
Cranbrook Flower Forest

Cycling - Mountain Bike Rides
mountain bike ride
Mountain Bike Rides

Deep Sea Fishing
deep sea fishing big catch
Deep Sea Fishing

Dolphin Cove - Swim With The Dolphins
swim with dolphins
Swim with Dolphins

Dornorck River Head Rising
donorck river head rising
Dornock River Head Rising

Duncans Cave
duncans cave
Duncans Cave

Dunn's River Falls
dunn's river falls
Dunn's River Falls

Fire Coal Kiln
fire coal kiln in jamaican countryside - making fire coal charcoal
Find a Fire Coal Kiln

Fisherman's Beach - The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands
fishing boats at fishermen's beach
Fisherman's Beach

Floorshows and Nightlife
limbo dancer with fire on top and below
Floorshows and Nightlife

Glistening Waters - Luminous Lagoon
luminous lagoon at glistening waters
Luminous Lagoon

golfing in jamaica

Hiking - Blue Mountain Peak
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Horseback Riding
horseback riding in jamaica
Horseback Riding

kayaking at silver sands


Mayfield Falls
the washing machine at mayfield falls
Mayfield Falls

Quashies River Caves
quashies river caves
Quashies River Caves

River Rafting
river rafting
River Rafting

Roadside Vendors - Snack on the Road
roadside vendor
Snack on the Roadside

Scuba Diving
tropical fish
Scuba Diving

snorkeling in jamaica

Sunfish Sailing
sunfish sailboat sailing into silver sands jamaica
Sunfish Sailing

Weddings & Renewal of Vows
wedding on the beach
Marry in Jamaica

Windsor Caves & Cockpit Country
windsor cockpit country
Windsor Caves & Cockpit Country


YS Falls
y s falls
YS Falls

And much much more!

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