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Destination Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest of all Caribbean Islands. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage when he first stepped on the island at Discovery Bay. In his words, the island was “the fairest land that eyes have beheld; mountains and the land seem to touch the sky…all full of valleys and plains."

Jamaica became an independent nation in 1962, and has over the years established the enviable reputation of being one of the world’s most sought out holiday destinations. There is much to do on the beautiful island, from soothing yourself on a beautiful beach, to enjoying the refreshing waters of the Caribbean Sea; from journeying through historical sites, to discovering the country’s rich cultural heritage; from savouring the rich flavours of its food, to listening to the rhythmic sound of reggae.

Visit this beautiful island and travel from the westernmost point of Negril, along the coast through Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and on to the tranquil Port Antonio. Climb the towering Blue Mountains and visit the majestic hills of Mandeville and its pristine region. And of course no trip can be complete without visiting the heart and cultural centre of Jamaica, Kingston.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings