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Attractions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios or Ochie, call it by any name, but the fact remains that it has captured the hearts of visitors since 1494 when Columbus first stopped here. Seduced by the warm tropical weather and natural beauty, many visitors make Ocho Rios the setting for their wedding and honeymoon. That being said, it is perfect for a family holiday and promises activities and interests to suit all tastes and age groups. If you are planning a trip to Ocho Rios here are some attractions you can see and activities you can consider.

Dunn’s River Falls: At this world famous falls, torrents of cool water cascade down 600 feet of natural steps, flanked on both sides with dense trees. Perfect strangers become friends as they clasp hands and help each other through the rushing water, tier after picturesque tier. Over decades, the falls have offered millions of explorers an instant connection to nature. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera and swimsuit for the heady trek.

Dolphin Cove: Near the falls, swim and play with the smart, athletic 600-pound marine mammals that live at Dolphin Cove. After a basic lesson from the trainers, wade right into the waters and get set to pet, swim with and even get launched into the air by the powerful cetaceans. Friendly as the family dog, these trained bottlenose dolphins appear to laugh and smile as they jump and play. The cove at Treasure Reef has just added Pirate Village with continuous entertainment, plus glass-bottomed kayak rides over the coral reef, and pools in which to swim with friendly stingrays and sharks.

Prospect Plantation: Just east of the town, the 1000 acre working Prospect Plantation, evolved from a 17th century fort, hosts affairs in its great house and lush gardens. Tour the plantation on a tractor-drawn jitney to see how sweet cassava, sugarcane, pineapple and coffee grow. You can also visit the petting zoo, aviary and butterfly house and also ride the horses and feed the ostriches. From the great house verandah, you can see as far as Cuba on a clear day.

Fern Gully: Ride through Fern Gully, a beautiful green roller coaster of a road, a former river bed. By some accounts, the great earthquake of 1692 not only destroyed Jamaica’s capital Port Royal but also changed the course of the river. Now Fern Gully occupies the ravine- rich, shady and dense with 600 varieties of ferns and several vendors of crafts.

Shaw Park Botanical Gardens: Discover a more refined landscape at Shaw Botanical Gardens covering 25 acres high on a hilltop over Ocho Rios. The garden blooms with tropical foliage of every hue. The roaring waterfall makes a great backdrop for photos, weddings and special events. A crystal-clear stream also passes through the red and yellow flowers and rich green carpet of Coyaba River Garden where waterfalls wait to be climbed. There is also a museum which displays artefacts of Jamaican history.

Murphy Hill: From Murphy Hill, you can enjoy the most spectacular views of Ocho Rios and the North Coast. Take a rental car or ride with a driver who knows the way.

Green Grotto Caves: In the 18th century, Green Grotto Caves, at Discovery Bay, made a great place for runaway slaves. Today the labyrinthine system of passageways and chambers reveal secret grottos, limestone formations and dripping stalactites on a walking tour that reaches down to a small clear subterranean lake.

Columbus Park: Historic Columbus Park, just west of Discovery Bay, marks the spot where Columbus first landed in Jamaica. An open-air museum with a few historic relics makes it worth a stop.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings