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Solving The Mystery Of Mystic Mountain In Jamaica

On Sunday 24th July, I left the white sand beach at Silver Sands behind for a tour at Mystic Mountain. With the name of Ocho Rios’ latest attraction giving nothing away, there were few clues as to what lay in store. I’d heard some negative buzz about the attraction being overpriced, but thought it best to approach things with an open mind. So as our bus pulled in, I set off, Sherlock Holmes style, to solve the puzzle at the top of the chair lift.

lal enjoys the view of Ocho Rios and the coastline to the East from the pool deck

My first impression was that this is undoubtedly a slick, polished tourist attraction. Right from the start it is clear that at Mystic Mountain they’ve focussed on getting the little things right. As I prepared to step on to a skiing style chair lift one of the guides casually told us they were ‘Just doing some maintenance, so wait a few minutes’. Luckily, what they’ve dubbed the ‘Sky Explorer’ ran without a hitch, offering great views of the Ocho Rios bay. Top tip: don’t wear flip flops, I spent half the ride worried mine were set to plummet to a premature end!

riding the chair lift to the mystic mountain attraction

After a relaxing fifteen minute ride I reached the top, where we were again greeted by some friendly, well-trained staff. I took some time to discover their small museum, which is well put together and offered me some interesting insights into football in Jamaica. First on my hit list was the bobsled ride, which is without doubt Mystic Mountain’s unique selling point. Playing off the success of ‘Cool Runnings’, based on the true story of Jamaica’s bobsled team, this appeared to be the thing to do.

asha at the start of bobsled ride at mystic mountain  hurtling down the track at mystic mountain on the bobsled tour

I strapped myself into a replica bobsled and got ready for my turn to shoot down the track. The bobsled is easy enough to handle, you just push forward to go and pull back if you want to slow down. On the advice of the man who sent me on my way I kept the lever pushed all the way forward for the entire track and enjoyed an exhilarating ride. The bobsled certainly provides an adrenaline rush, and is not for the faint-hearted. However the standard of safety at Mystic Mountain is admirably high, so I felt safe in the knowledge that I would make it back for lunch!

Once back at the top there was the usual carefully orchestrated layout which ensured a walk through the gift shop. Inside there’s an opportunity to buy further rides which I struggled to resist. After your first ride, you will want to go again! Aside from this dangerously tempting offer the gift shop is well-stocked and one of the better I’ve visited at a tourist attraction in Jamaica.

view of ocho rios and the coastline to the east from mystic mountain in jamaica

With the excitement of the bobsled over, it was definitely time for some lunch. Mystic Mountain’s classily decorated restaurant offers stunning views, prompt service and most importantly of all good food. I treated myself to a jerk lamb burger, and there are enough options on the menu to satisfy both local and tourist tastes. Yes, the meal was on the pricey side of the scale, but bearing in mind both location and quality I’ve concluded that it was a pretty good deal.

view from the restaurant at mystic mountain in jamaica

asha hurtling down the water slide at mystic mountain in ocho rios

Appetite satisfied, my attention turned towards a relaxing dip in the infinity pool followed by several trips down a winding slide. It’s easy to watch the hours drift by here, though I do wish they could have made the pool a little deeper. I was happy enough to relax poolside while other members of our little group went to take on the canopy tour. Suspension on a wire from a great height not being for me, I was content to give this one a miss. Predictably I was told it was ‘fantastic’ and that I had missed out. Still, the canopy tour is unlikely to be for everyone and is already offered in many locations across Jamaica.

kimesha getting ready to go on the zipline canopy tour at mystic mountain jamaica  hands free on the zip wire at canopy tour mystic mountain

As the customary Ocho Rios late afternoon rain began to blow in, I decided it was time for us to head back to Silver Sands. The mystery of Mystic Mountain? Elementary my dear reader; it’s a not to be missed activity-centered attraction featuring stunning views, a breathtaking bobsled ride and a canopy tour. If you can spare the money, make sure you put Mystic Mountain on your must do list.

(Contibuted by Lal Chadeesingh)

Book your Mystic Mountain Tour at the Mysilversands Reception Desk on the patio at Silver Sands villas.

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