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Learn More About Mysilversands Risk-Free Refunds

Mysilversands Limited is a UK company, incorporated in 2006.
Registered Office: Prospect House, 5 May Lane, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4JH, United Kingdom
Registration Number: 5933016

Since its inception, Mysilversands has followed the advice of its British Accountants and ring-fenced your payments. Your payments are held in a separate Barclays Bank Account and are not touched until you complete your stay with us. Only then are the funds transferred to another bank account from where disbursements are made.

This means that if you are eligible for a refund, your payment is available to be refunded to you in a matter of a few days. We have not failed to make a single eligible refund.

You will find details on your eligiblity for a refund in the CANCELLATION POLICY in the Terms & Conditions for the accommodation you wish to book.

Below is a sample Accommodation page showing the Booking Info tab where you may read the Terms & Conditions:


sample booking info tab