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U-Drive Tips From Montego Bay Airport

. . . how to get out of the airport and find the North Coast Road

Most Important Tip: Drive on the left side of the road.

Try to remember this verse:

    If you drive on the left,
    You will be right.
    If you drive on the right,
    There won't be much left.

Some other useful tips:

Look out for pot holes. They are plentiful.
When it rains, they are full of water and you can't see them!

Drive defensively and try to anticipate the next driver's moves.

Plan your journey and be sure you have good directions. Street signs are often lacking.

The roads are very slippery when wet.

Our truck drivers are no different from those you find in other parts of the world, so give them lots of room.

Do not speed. It's dangerous and you might get caught by the Police. Fines are hefty!

There are hardly any straight roads in Jamaica at all.

There are hardly any flat roads in Jamaica at all.

Even the North Coast road linking Montego Bay to Ocho Rios is not flat. Don't be afraid to use your horn.

The above is not meant to frighten you. Just to inform. Thousands of visitors rent cars and drive around in Jamaica every week. So if it's for you, enjoy!

Follow the map below to find your way out of the airport and on to the North Coast Road heading for Silver Sands, Ocho Rios, and beyond.

Map of airport

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