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Hiking in the Blue Mountains, Part Three



trail and fallen tree
(Photo copyright: Prem Chadeesingh, Mysilversands Jamaica Villas)

portland gap  guide, mule
(Photos copyright: Prem Chadeesingh, Mysilversands Jamaica Villas)                                     



The top photo shows how the trail, in some places, is narrow and hugs the edge of the mountains. These youngsters rest at Portland Gap (above left) where there are picnic benches, a gazebo, pit latrines, running water, and accommodation in small cottages. In the photo on the bottom right, a guide and mule take a rest.

tree orchids
(Photo copyright: Prem Chadeesingh, Mysilversands Jamaica Villas )

We no longer sell the tour to Blue Mountain but we are happy to help you to make arrangements for this trip to the famous Blue Mountains. If you want to make the trip to the Blue Mountains, a "must read" book is the Blue Mountain Guide published by The Natural History Society of Jamaica and edited by Dr. Margaret Hodges (ISBN: 976-8092-74-2). does not have it in stock, but it is available in Jamaica at many retail stores and no doubt the bookstore at the University of the West Indies. I picked up a copy at Trelawny Pharmacy in Falmouth, Trelawny. Also see Whitfield Hall.

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