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Don't Come To Silver Sands Villas & Cottages If . . .

1. You want to party every night.
Unless you are having the party, you will not find a lot of night life at Silver Sands.
2. You are looking for a pick-up place.
Silver Sands is not a pick-up place. People do not come to Silver Sands to look for partners. But happy accidents do happen - some people have even met their lifelong partners at Silver Sands.
3. You want crowds.
Our beach never gets crowded. Even when Silver Sands is full, like at year end, you will find that the beach is big enough to accommodate everyone.
4. You want things to be like they are back home in the First World.
Part of the fun and pleasure of a vacation in a private home is that it will be different from what you are accustomed to. So if you want First World stuff, either go to a big swanky hotel or stay in the First World. There may be the occasional electricity outage or water lock-off, and things do move at a slower pace.
5. You are not prepared to unwind.
Everybody else around you will be relaxing, so if you want to be Mr. Picky or Mr. Grumpy, you should go somewhere else. There's a restaurant in Bristol, England, that is famous for throwing out grumpy diners! We won't throw you out, but have some consideration for the other guests who come to Silver Sands to relax.
6. You want a regimented schedule and to be told what to do.
Please do not come to Silver Sands if you expect others to make you enjoy your vacation. There are lots of all-inclusive hotels that are happy to plan every minute of your day for you.
7. You want to parade in the nude on the beach or other public places.
Silver Sands is not that kind of place. You can be discreet and find places to strip. No one welcomes even partial nudity on the patio or at the beach bar and grill. But remember, you have your vacation home where you may enjoy your privacy.
8. You want to do drugs.
The penalties for using and/or being in possession of illegal drugs are very severe. Illegal drugs are not permitted in your accommodation.
9. You don't want to meet real Jamaicans.
In your private vacation home, you will have staff who are real Jamaicans, living real lives. All around Silver Sands you will also meet real Jamaicans. If meeting foreigners is not your idea of a vacation, then it's best to stay away from Silver Sands. But most of our guests report that meeting Jamaicans is one of the highlights of their visit.