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Desmond Cooper Repairs His Boat

The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands

This feature is a free community service to the small business men and women who operate at The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands, also known as the Fisherman's Beach.

On one of my early morning walks, I strolled out of the Silver Sands gate and headed right, down the road leading to the Fisherman's Beach at the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands.  I saw Desmond Cooper, aka Blue, carefully repair his boat, making a fiberglass patch on the bottom where he suspected there was a crack.

 Desmond made this boat from two old sunfish sailboats. He cut off the bow from one and cut off the stern from the other, and joined the longer parts of each together in order to maximize the length of his boat. Then he built up the sides with wood, which he covered with fiberglass.

Desmond, ever resourceful, also prepared his fish net with floats made from old bits of flip-flops (plastic slippers). See above photo.

You will find the Jacob Taylor Beach, aka the Fisherman's Beach, a couple hundred yards down the road just before the entrance to Silver Sands villas and cottages.


Visit the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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