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Mysilversands and CCV are Still Working Hard to Keep the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Free

Some visitors to Jamaica, staying in Silver Sands villas or Silver Sands cottages, get curious about the Fisherman's Beach, located on the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands. They may have heard about it from other visitors, their villa staff, or read about it on the Mysilversands web site.

Mysilversands actively encourages its guests to take a stroll down to the Fisherman's Beach, by going down the road next to the entrance to Silver Sands. Mysilversands supports the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands with the help of its sister company, Custom Caribbean Vacations Limited (CCV), having leased that property from the Government of Jamaica. Together Mysilversands and CCV work with the local community to keep the facility free for use by the public.

Early mornings on the Fisherman's Beach at the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands are peaceful quiet times when you can slow down and mingle with the few fishermen who may be present.

Some will be getting their gear together, while others set out with their fish pots loaded on their boats.

Very often, when a beach is leased to a private entity, the lessor erects a fence to control access and charges an admission for use of the facility. Many lessors even operate a monopoly and take over all business activity there. Before CCV leased the Jacob Taylor beach from the Jamaican Government it was leased by another party who operated a shop there.

CCV leased the beach more than six years ago, and did something unique. The beach has been cleaned up and trees planted. The sanitary facilities are maintained to a high standard. CCV did not erect a fence and does not charge anything for use of the beach. It's free. None of the craft vendors or cookshops/bars have been displaced, and CCV did not go into competition with them.

Mysilversands and CCV are still working hard to keep the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands free to the public.

You will find the Jacob Taylor Beach, aka the Fisherman's Beach, a couple hundred yards down the road just before the entrance to Silver Sands villas and cottages.

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Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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