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The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands

This feature is a free community service to the small business men and women who operate at The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands, also known as the Fisherman's Beach.

Next door to Silver Sands, a small fishing village thrives. Over forty registered fishermen operate from the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands.

The day's catch.

If you are an early riser, you will see many of them launching their small boats off the beach. They ride out to check on their fishpots and return several hours later with the day's catch of fish and lobster.

 Mas Erville shows off a lobster.
The fishermen help each other draw up their boats on the beach.

The public crowds the boats when the fishermen land to bargain for the best of the day's catch. You can witness the activity on the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands yourself. It's just a short stroll from the entrance to Silver Sands.

You will find the Jacob Taylor Beach, aka the Fisherman's Beach, a couple hundred yards down the road just before the entrance to Silver Sands villas and cottages.

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Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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