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Shop 3, Green Dolphin

The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands

This feature is a free community service to the small business men and women who operate at The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands, also known as the Fisherman's Beach.

Shop No. 3: Green Dolphin

Proprietor: Lincoln Sinclair, aka Buds
                  (876) 892 8234 or (876) 376 2730

Message from Buds:
"I am affectionately called Buds and I want to welcome you to Silver Sands and Jamaica.

We are indeed very grateful for the opportunity that Mr. Chadeesingh has given us to display our natural skill.

Come on in and take a look....One Love from Jamaica!!"


You will find the Jacob Taylor Beach, aka the Fisherman's Beach, a couple hundred yards down the road just before the entrance to Silver Sands villas and cottages.

Visit the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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