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Shop 6, Walton Shop

The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands

This feature is a free community service to the small business men and women who operate at The Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands, also known as the Fisherman's Beach.

Shop No. 6: Walton Shop

Proprietor: Walton Spence, aka Brother Wallie
                  (876) 397 9273

Message from Walton:
"I am Walton and I just want to tell you that you are all welcome to view my works of art, whether you are buying or not....come and have a look and ask any questions of your choice. I await your visit!!!"


You will find the Jacob Taylor Beach, aka the Fisherman's Beach, a couple hundred yards down the road just before the entrance to Silver Sands villas and cottages.

Visit the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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