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Local Jamaican Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding Guide, near to Silver Sands Jamaica

Bryan Smythe (+1 876 819 3073)
...but better known as Bryan Kiteboarder


bryan on the beach with kite

Bryan is a family-man, who lives in Carey Park, Trelawny - just a few miles West of Silver Sands Jamaica. He is a certified lifeguard and a small farmer, with many other skills.

bryan getting some air
Bryan, getting some air.


Here, we introduce you to Bryan as the local kiteboarding/kitesurfing instructor and guide:

Knows all the great local kiting spots.

Can teach beginners and intermediates.

Ride with experienced kiters on downwinders.

Repair kites, including valve replacement and bladder patches (parts are not available on the island so travel with your repair kit and spares).

Limited kite equipment rentals.

bryan bryan and ryan rooting a breadfruit on the beach
Bryan at Silver Sands and roasting a breadfruit on the beach at White Bay, with his brother looking on.


It's easy to find Bryan as he lives in Carey Park, Trelawny - very close to Silver Sands Jamaica.
Give Bryan a call +1 (876) 819 3073.

kiters at silver sands jamaica
Bryan (left), coaching Prem who was learning to stay upwind.


bryan with his two kids
Bryan with his two kids.

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