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Bedrooms Three & Four of Rock Hill Villa, Silver Sands Jamaica

Bedroom Three and Bedroom Four of Rock Hill Villa are situated on the North side of the main/second level. Like all other bedrooms at Rock Hill, they are air-conditioned and each one is also cooled by a ceiling fan. There is cable television in each bedroom. A bathroom with tub and shower is located between the two bedrooms.

bathroom between bedrooms three and four of rockhill villa
En Suite bathroom with tub and shower with a door to the North to Bedroom 3 and another door to the South to Bedroom 4.

bedroom 3 of rockhill villa is furnished with a king bed.
Bedroom Three with king bed. Screened louvre box windows provide excellent cross-ventilation and wonderful views.

at rock hill villa bedrooms 3 and 4 share a bathroom located between them.
Good sized bathroom, shared by Bedroom 3 and Bedroom 4. Shower and bathtub.

bedroom 4 of rockhill villa is furnished with twin beds
Bedroom Four is furnished with twin beds. It is air-conditioned, there is a ceiling fan and screened louvre windows with a great view.

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