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The Gardens and Grounds of Rock Hill Villa, Silver Sands Jamaica

Rock Hill Villa sprawls across two building lots at Silver Sands Estates in Jamaica. There are no neighbouring houses as an empty lot adjoins the South and Rock Hill maintains a landscaped park with large Gazebo to the East. This is the highest point of the Silver Sands development and the panoramic views from here are just awesome. From the driveway, the grounds are beautifully landscaped and dotted with sculptures by Gene Pearson, a famous Jamaican artist.

sunset from rock hill villa

Garage at Rock Hill Vlla
Brick-paved driveway and covered car parking.

steps leading up to rock hill villa in silver sands jamaica
Footpath leading to the villa.

entrance pathway to rock hill villa jamaica
Entrance to the verandah and main floor of Rock Hill Villa.

bedroom two of rock hill villa on the north-east corner of the building
From the Gazebo Park, Rock Hill Villa can be seen nestled on the hill with lots of palm trees surrounding the building. Bedroom Two occupying the North-East corner of the villa (above) has two sets of screened box windows with louvres which provide excellent cross-ventilation, making the use of air-conditioning unnecessary most of the year.

gazebo in the park next to rock hilla villa in silver sands jamaica
The large Gazebo in the Park to the East of Rock Hill. This is a great venue for a small intimate wedding.

swing in the garden at rock hill with sea view over silver sands jamaica
Garden swing on the East side of Rock Hill.

back porch at rock hill
View of Rock Hill from the Gazebo Park, showing the back porch and a clear view through the villa to the Caribbean Sea.

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