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Mysilversands Banana Bread Bake-off

The Mysilversands Team on the Patio at Silver Sands

Labour Day, Monday May 24, 2010 was a beautiful calm day at Silver Sands Jamaica. This sunny beach day had replaced the unseasonal rough and windy weather experienced over the previous two weeks. It was a perfect setting for the first ever Mysilversands Banana Bread Bake-off, which was held on the patio at Silver Sands.

The judges relax on the Patio after handing down their decision. Left to right: Leonie Rose, Matthew Tansky, Emil George, and Sharon Chong

Twelve competitors delivered their breads and the judges were briefed, and given a bottle of water to clear their palettes in-between tastings.

Judging the spread

All entries were numbered and none of the judges or spectators knew which villa cook had prepared which bread.

The twelve contestants were:
Constance Hanshaw - Tu Mac
Vanessa Vassell - Blue Moon
Jennifer Gomez - Roots
Lorna Vincent - Honeycomb
Jennifer Dixon - Seagull
Elaine Wilson - Saltash
Una Barrett - Endless Summer
Darnet Wray - Hang Time
Elaine Decambre - Tia Maria
Yasmin Irwin - Oh Boy
Karla Hudson - Ebb Tide
Evadney Hudson - Quarter Deck

Tyrone (right) introduces Emil George, home owner (centre), while Prem looks on.

Tyrone played old Jamaican reggae ballads in the background as the judges contemplated the banana breads. A heavenly aroma wafted around the Reception Desk where the banana breads were displayed. Eventually the prize for best presentation was awarded to Elaine Wilson of Saltash Villa.

Best Presentation - Elaine Wilson of Saltash Villa

Elaine Wilson (left) of Salt Ash receives her cash prize for best presentation from Angella.

The judges tasted and tasted and clearly had a hard time choosing the top three banana breads. They took their time and deliberated before handing in their decision. Mr. Emil George acted as chairman of the judges and announced the winners. Angella presented the prizes to:

Third Place - Elaine DeCambre of Tia Maria Villa
Second Place - Una Barrett of Endless Summer Villa
First Place - Lorna Vincent of Honeycomb Villa

Elaine DeCambre of Tia Maria, third place winner

Una Barrett of Endless Summer Villa, second place winner


Enthusiastic applause greeted each winner. The ladies became very emotional and a tear or two became evident. Lorna thrilled the audience with a short acceptance speech.

The winner of the Mysilversands Banana Bread Bake-off

All the staff of Mysilversands were happy to show their appreciation to the wonderful cooks of the Silver Sands villas and Silver Sands cottages. The cooks gathered together after the presentation to chit chat, congratulate each other, taste the entries, and exchange tips. It was wonderful to see them enjoy the contest and the well-deserved recognition from Mysilversands.

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