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Successful 2011 University of San Diego Study Abroad Program in Jamaica

Hello Prem,

I hope you're doing well. This email is a little late in coming, but I
just wanted to send you a brief note of thanks for helping me pull off
another successful summer study abroad program in Jamaica.

university of san diego team on the silver sands beach in jamaica in 2011

I understand that it's your work, but I really appreciate all that you
do to in helping me pull everything together and make the experience a
memorable one for my students, staff, and me. In all likelihood, we'll
be back next year, and I look forward to working with you in setting
up the 2012 program.

Also, thanks so much for the awesome cookout you
put on for us in the last week of our trip. Aside from the fact that
Scottie, Una, Charlene, Anne, and Ms. Constance's magic hands prepared
amazing food that everyone enjoyed; and all of the help that Chris,
Courine, Annette, Cynthia, and of course Angella offered to pull it
together; the cookout provided us another great opportunity to come
together, bond as a group, and reflect upon our time in Jamaica.

students from university of san diego at farewell party endless summer silver sands jamaica 2011

I also wanted to let you know how consistently wonderful all your
Silver Sands staff is. From my friends in the Villa Mart, to the patio
bartenders, to the amazing house ladies who treat my students as if
they were their own children, to the groundskeepers, to the desk and
office staff, everyone is simply amazing and they all make my job much
easier and much more enjoyable.

buffet spread at usd farewell party silver sands jamaica 2011

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't single out the efforts of
Angella. Not that you don't know this already, but, for the record,
she is an amazing asset to Silver Sands and to my program in Jamaica.
Frankly, she's a good part of the reason I've kept the program in
Duncans and a key part of why we've continued coming back to Silver
Sands. And she's a good part of the reason that my program has been so
successful over the past six years. Aside from all of the assistance
she offers me in the planning and preparation phases of the trip, she
also is a great help in planning activities for my students when they
have down time, putting out fires when they inevitably arise, and
otherwise just a great friend of the program.

students from usd at farewell party silver sands jamaica 2011

There's a short documentary piece on the Jamaica program that was shot
this summer, largely at Silver Sands. It's still being edited. But, if
I can get my hands on a digital copy of the final cut or upload it to
a place where you can view it, I'll send it your way.

Thanks again and take care,


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