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"We had an exceptional vacation. Everything was perfect...This was the first time I had rented a villa. And now, given the choice, I would never go to a resort hotel or all-inclusive resort again. The intimacy, quality, and overall benefits of the villa far outweigh any other option for us. I'm looking to bring my family back next time..." Gregory Witt, USA.

silver sands beach

Silver Sands is a secure community of villas and cottages, centered around a fabulous white sand beach. The homes are privately owned by individuals who reside all over the world. There is therefore great variety among them, with no two houses the same. Governed by the Estate's covenants, each owner has constructed his house to his own taste and specifications.

You may take a look at our Map of Silver Sands so you will be able to visualize the layout of the estate as you read the following. You will see the location of all the houses we offer (they are the ones identified by number). You will also see how the estate is laid out with the relationship of everything to the beach and communal area. From the Map of Silver Sands, you may click on any of the house numbers and be taken directly to the page which describes that house.

Silver Sands Beach
The Silver Sands Beach.

"I have stayed at several locations in Jamaica and Silver Sands has the best beach of all." Stephanie Edwards, July 2009 (MD, USA)

Owners and their guests (i.e. you) have free access to the private beach.

It is a quiet, relaxing estate, ideal for a real beach holiday. It is perfect for families, couples, and others who wish to spend quality time together. Children may wander along the spacious grounds and beaches with newfound friends, while their parents can feel comfortable about their safety.

The social centre of Silver Sands is the Club Area with a large patio overlooking the exclusive swimming beach which never gets crowded. We are not responsible for the management of the Club Area or the Beach.

The sea is always clean. It's a snorkelers' paradise as there are both onshore and offshore coral reefs teeming with marine life. Conditions are very good for windsurfing and sailing. The Estate is ideal for leisurely strolls, power-walks, and jogging. There are footpaths which cut across the residential blocks, putting the beach in quick and easy access from every house there.

On the beach, there is a children's play area. A lovely romantic gazebo sits on the end of the jetty which separates the West beach with onshore reef from the Swimming beach. It's a great place to watch the sunrise, sunset, and full-moon rise. Many couples have taken their vows out there.

At the South end of the estate, on a hill, there is a park with another gazebo which affords spectacular views of the sea and surrounding countryside.

Silver Sands is located on Jamaica's famous North Coast, midway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. It is just a mile North of the small town of Duncans and a fifteen minute drive East of the historic town of Falmouth. Take a look at our Silver Sands Location Map to see the position of Silver Sands on the North Coast.

"The Silver Sands "community" was/is awesome. I felt at ease letting the children walk around on their own- it gave them a great sense of freedom." Meredith Bryant (, USA.